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Top hotels in San Francisco

Located in northern California, San Francisco is a hilly city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Known for iconic sights like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, San Francisco has consistently been a popular holiday destination for many. Although a cosmopolitan city, there are plenty of green spaces in San Francisco, great for those who love the outdoors. A challenging city for a whole host of sports like hiking and cycling, San Francisco rewards you with spectacular views and landscapes.

San Francisco is a great holiday destination for couples, families and groups. With a wide range of hotels available, you’ll no doubt find something to suit your wants and needs. From luxury hotels to more affordable options, there are plenty which offer a variety of facilities and amenities.

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Flight time to San Francisco

The average flight time to San Francisco from the UK is 11 hours 5 minutes.

Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco has iconic sights which are known around the world. So, its exciting to see them up close during a holiday to the city. Get around using San Francisco’s cable car system which is the last manually operated cable car system in the world. Aside from the accolades, it’s a convenient way to get around the city, especially considering how hilly it is.

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Alcatraz Island
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Pier 39
  • Union Square

When to visit San Francisco

The best time to head to San Francisco would be during the autumn. Between September and November. The autumn period provides some of the warmer temperatures in the city throughout the whole year. As an added bonus, there are also less crowds of people during this time too. Spring is another lovely time of year to visit San Francisco due to its pleasant temperatures and lack of rainfall. The crowds tend to flock to San Francisco during the summer, although the weather can be quite unpredictable.

Average high and low temperatures for each month (°C):

  • January: 14° / 8°
  • February: 16° / 9°
  • March: 17° / 10°
  • April: 17° / 10°
  • May: 18° / 11°
  • June: 19° / 12°
  • July: 19° / 12°
  • August: 20° / 13°
  • September: 21° / 13°
  • October: 21° / 13°
  • November: 18° / 11°
  • December: 14° / 8°