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The Costa del Sol is a world-class holiday destination, and hotels on the Costa del Sol are no different. There's a dazzling array of all-inclusive hotels along this exclusive coastline which lies inside the Andalucia region of Spain, incorporating the resorts of Malaga, Benalmadena and Torremolinos, to name just a few.

Known for its beautiful climate - Costa del Sol literally translates to 'Coast of Sun' - the choice of hotels is extremely varied. You can opt for a cheaper self-catering apartment with a well-placed swimming pool and access to local attractions, or go all-out for one of the 5-star all-inclusive resorts which you'll find hard to resist.

Best of all, because the Costa del Sol has been a top destination for tourists for over 50 years, the resorts are well set up for holidaymakers. You'll find everything you need for a family holiday, a holiday with a group of friends, and enough romantic serenity to keep your heart aflutter. Booking a hotel in the Costa del Sol is all about narrowing down where you'd like to stay and what sort of holiday you're after. Once you've got that down, we make the rest simple.

Flight time to Costa del Sol

The average flight time to the Costa del Sol is 2 hours 55 minutes from the UK.

When to visit Costa del Sol

If you're looking for sunny weather all year round, the Costa del Sol is a great location for you. It is the Sunny Coast after all, where the sun shines for the majority of the year. The summer months mean days of hot sun, whilst during the spring time between March and May, you will get milder days and probably even less crowds. If you're really looking to beat the influx of tourists then the colder months in winter are a great time to visit. This is probably when the Costa del Sol's weather is at its worst. 

Average monthly high and low temperatures for the Costa del Sol:

  • January:  15° / 6°
  • February: 16° / 7°
  • March: 18° / 9°
  • April: 21° / 11° 
  • May: 23° / 13°
  • June: 27° / 17°
  • July: 29° / 19°
  • August: 29° / 19° 
  • September: 26° / 17°
  • October: 22° / 14° 
  • November: 18° / 10° 
  • December: 16° / 8°

Things to do in Costa del Sol

Stretching across the coastline of the Spanish province of Malaga, the Costa del Sol covers such a wide area. So, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do whilst you're there. When visiting the city centre of Malaga, there are traces of its past dotted around. This includes the Alcazaba which overlooks the city on a hilltop. Its remains date back to the Muslim period and due to several restorations, its an easily accesible site to see. El Castillo de Gibralfaro provides stunning views of the city of Malaga. Situated on a high hill, this castle overlooks the city and port of Malaga. 

Perhaps a trip to Bioparc Fuengirola is more up your street, where you can visit various species of animals and birds in naturalistic environments. Or even the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, which is perfect for nature lovers. Full of forests, caves and Moorish castles, all surrounded by mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves range.      

Wonderful things to do on the Costa del Sol include:

  • Alcazaba de Malaga
  • El Castillo de Gibralfaro 
  • Bioparc Fuengirola
  • Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park
  • Puerto Banus
  • Port of Malaga
  • Sea Life Benalmadena
  • Aqualand Torremolino