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Steeped in history, this picture-postcard provincial port is made for a laid-back holiday spent sightseeing and enjoying a typically Spanish lifestyle.

Standing on the coast, the town is dominated by a breathtaking Alcazaba castle, a honey-stoned Moorish fortress ripe for exploring and commanding scintillating views. You'll find loads more historic monuments in the enchanting old quarter, including an ornate Gothic-Renaissance cathedral, all mingled with friendly tapas bars, palm-lined squares and restaurants specialising in Almerian favourites like gachas, a spicy clam stew. At night, head for the La Chanca area, where animated bars and nightclubs light up the dark and during the day, there's much to tempt you out and about, from wonderful local beaches to the stunning desert-like countryside, home to a spaghetti-western theme park, hilltop hamlets and salt flats crowded with pink flamingos.

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Flight time to Almeria

The average flight time to Almeria from the UK is 2 hours 50 minutes.

Things to do in Almeria

Almeria is a historical city in Andalucia, Spain's southern region. If you're a history buff you'll surely appreciate all that Almeria has to offer. Historical features here include cathredrals and fortresses, there are also museums here, if you wish to learn even more during your visit to the Spanish city. Almeria is also home to sandy beaches galore which is always a great way to start the day, particularly due to the wonderful climate that Almeria experiences.

Fantastic things to do in Almeria include:

  • Alcazaba of Almeria
  • Almeria Cathedral
  • Museum of Almeria
  • Civil War Shelters of Almeria
  • Parque Nicolas Salmeron
  • Port of Almeria
  • Playa Zapillo
  • Edificio de las Mariposas

When to visit Almeria

Almeria, like the rest of the Andalucian region, enjoy very hot weather. This is especially the case during the summer months. July and August being the hottest of all. The winter time is a lot more milder and can be slightly chilly. If you're looking to travel to Almeria during the most comfortable of temperatures. The spring time going into early summer is the most ideal time. 

Average high and low temperatures for each month:

  • January: 17° / 8°
  • February: 17° / 9°
  • March: 19° / 10°
  • April: 21° / 12°
  • May: 24° / 15°
  • June: 27° / 19°
  • July: 30° / 22° 
  • August: 31° / 22°
  • September: 28° / 20°
  • October: 24° / 16°
  • November: 20° / 12°
  • December: 18° / 10°