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Top hotels in Kavos

Located on the southern tip of the Greek Island of Corfu, Kavos is a popular coastal resort with a vivacious nightlife and wonderful sandy beaches. Many youngsters choose Kavos as their party holiday destination thanks to the resort’s strip, full of bars and clubs. It truly is a beautiful place to sip on a cold beverage as you witness the sunset on the beachfront.

Explore the vast stretches of golden beaches that Kavos has to offer. Lap up the hot sun as you dip in and out of the crystal-clear waters and admire the scenic surrounding views. Whatever it is you choose to do in Kavos, there are numerous types of accommodation for you to choose from. Treat yourself to a luxury resort in Kavos or find a more affordable option with a range of self catering apartments.

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Cheap hotels in Kavos

Quayside Village Hotel
Quayside Village Hotel
Quayside Village Hotel

Kavos, Corfu

from £7 pppn
Roussos Studios
Roussos Studios
Roussos Studios

Kavos, Corfu

from £9 pppn
Morfeas Hotel
Morfeas Hotel
Morfeas Hotel

Kavos, Corfu

from £10 pppn
Koulouris Beach Hotel
Koulouris Beach Hotel
Koulouris Beach Hotel

Kavos, Corfu

from £12 pppn

Flight time to Kavos

The average flight time to Kavos from the UK is 3 hours 10 minutes.

Nightlife in Kavos

The nightlife in Kavos is lively, energetic and can be wild. It attracts a huge number of young groups looking for a good time. The summer months feature a full host of parties from boat parties to foam parties. If a clubbing holiday is what you’re after, Kavos is highly recommended. Grab your friends, check out our Kavos hotels and book your flights to have a summer you won’t forget.

Top nightlife hotspots in Kavos include:

  • Buzz Bar
  • Snobs Bar
  • Rolling Stone Bar
  • Atlantis
  • Future

When to visit Kavos

Kavos enjoys warm weather all year round with temperatures reaching their highest during July and August. If you’re looking for hot weather or looking for a party, the best time for you to visit Kavos would be during the summer. Kavos’ party season is alive and kicking in the summer with an abundance of different parties. However, if you’d rather explore Kavos during its mild season, head to the party capital of Corfu during the autumn or spring. The weather is still great to visit Kavos’ beaches and the crowds are fewer than in the summer, allowing you to enjoy Kavos in ultimate relaxation.

Average high and low temperatures for each month (°C):

  • January: 14° / 5°
  • February: 14° / 6°
  • March: 16° / 7°
  • April: 19° / 10°
  • May: 24° / 14°
  • June: 29° / 17°
  • July: 32° / 19°
  • August: 32° / 20°
  • September: 28° / 17°
  • October: 23° / 14°
  • November: 19° / 10°
  • December: 15° / 7°