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Top hotels in Gambia

Staying in any of our hotels in Gambia is an amazing experience. This exotic country with its sandy coast and lush vegetation provides the setting for the holiday of a lifetime. Booking a holiday online with us, finding real luxury, or cheap accommodation in Gambia has never been easier.

When looking for a hotel, plenty of thought goes into it. What is your budget? Who are you travelling with? Does the place appeal to you? Well, luckily, you have choices! If a full board hotel in Gambia suits you, or even an all inclusive resort, you can choose what Gambia hotel suits you and book now! 

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Cheap hotels in Gambia

African Village Hotel
African Village Hotel
African Village Hotel

Cape Point,

from £22 pppn
Senegambia Beach Hotel
Senegambia Beach Hotel
Senegambia Beach Hotel


from £40 pppn

Things to do in Gambia

Safaris in Gambia are popular, enabling a relaxed approach that fits in perfectly with this friendly culture - many people enjoy staying in our cheap holiday apartments. In Gambia, of course, you can also choose the opposite end of the spectrum: luxury hotels in Gambia are like a slice of paradise. 

When it comes to nature, Gambia has a lot to offer its visitors. As well as popular safaris, guests can enjoy the Abuko Nature Reserve. As its Gambia's first wildlife reserve, it is a rather popular tourist attraction. If this is right up your street, you might be interested in Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool. Located in Bakau, in the northeast of Gambia, the site includes sacred crocodile pools where fertility rituals take place. 

As well as the abundance of national parks in Gambia, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kunta Kinteh Island. The island is a very important historical site due to the West African slave trade.