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Villas, apartments and hotels in Majorca differ hugely. From the exclusive La Residencia on the west coast to cheap hotels in Majorca hotspots like Magaluf, you couldn’t wish for a greater contrast. Luckily if you choose to book with us we have a huge range of hotels and holiday villas in Majorca that covers the whole spectrum, offering great value and online bookings.

Our Majorca hotels cater for everyone. Looking for a family hotel?  A luxury hotel? Or maybe an all inclusive resort? Well, with our huge variety of Majorca hotels, you'll be sure to find exactly what you're looking for. 

If the huge choice of holiday accommodation in Majorca is a bit baffling, be aware that the busiest, most frantic resorts are in the south-west and out to the east, where you’ll find the largest all inclusive hotels in Majorca and parties that last through the night.

Flight time to Majorca

The average flight time to Majorca from the UK is 2 hours 25 minutes

Top Resorts in Majorca

Many hotels in Majorca provide family-friendly coastlines and resorts. Making it a great destination to take the kids. There are plenty of resorts in Majorca to choose from whether you're looking for an all inclusive getaway or a self catering villa. 

  • Palma Nova
  • Santa Ponsa
  • Alcudia
  • Cala d'Or
  • El Arenal
  • Puerto Pollensa

When to visit Majorca

To enjoy the hot weather in Majorca, the best time to visit would be during the summer months. However, if you're looking for slightly milder and cooler temperatures, the spring time is suitable. The winter time can get quite chilly, so it is best to avoid this time if climate is a factor in your visit to the island. 

Average high and low temperatures for each month:

  • January: 15° / 3°
  • February: 15° / 4°
  • March: 17° / 5°
  • April: 19° / 7°
  • May: 23° / 11°
  • June: 28° / 15°
  • July: 31° / 18°
  • August: 31° / 18°
  • September: 27° / 16°
  • October: 23° / 12°
  • November: 18° / 8°
  • December: 16° / 5°