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Terrific Thassos holidays 2019 / 2020

Overflowing with spectacular cliff tops, luscious emerald greenery and endless beaches, Thassos holidays will take you to another world. The northernmost island of Greece is an idyllic escape, surrounded by the Aegean Sea. You can bask in the warm Aegean sun on sandy beaches, hike the island’s peaks and paddle in the brilliant blue sea to your heart’s content. With the best of both worlds, from the beach to a covering of olive trees, holidays to Thassos provide the most variety. Whether you’re bringing your friends, family or loved one, this island will deliver amazing cheap holidays in 2019 / 2020 and 2019 / 2020.

As one of Greece’s larger islands, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities, accommodation and facilities during holidays in Thassos. The capital, Thassos Town, also known as Limenas, is the main resort on this island and is home to a plethora of restaurants, shops and a busy port. The main attraction in the town is the ancient Roman amphitheatre and an acropolis.

On the east side of the island sits Skala Potamias which is home to stunning sunrises, as well as super clean beaches. To the south of the island is the quieter town of Limenaria, which will give you a piece of authentic Greece, with whitewashed buildings right by the sea.  Harking back to its mining past, you will see the turreted mining headquarters on the headland looking out to Limenaria Beach. Beneath the headquarters is the mine, which is open for tours.

Top attractions

Top attractions

Whether you are on a quest to find fine cuisine, sunny beach days or a cultural day out, Thassos holidays provide it all. Sample the flavours of Greek delicacies, especially the fresh seafood and grilled meat in the villages, or watch a performance at an ancient Roman amphitheatre for the Philippi Thassos Festival.

Another great celebration occurs after Lent each year. The streets of Thassos come alive with the carnival and reach as far as the village of Potamia. Locals get into the spirit with colourful costumes and feats on spicy Greek sausage.

Often referred to as the ‘Emerald Isle’, Thassos boasts mountains filled with pine trees and olive groves. There’s an abundance of wildlife, including the rare white-tailed eagle, partridges and doves so it’s no wonder that bird-watching is popular here.

For a bit of a challenge, climb the island’s tallest peak, Mount Ipsarion. At the bottom of this peak lies the mountainside village of Panagia where you will find natural springs. Or if you’d rather something tamer, head to Maries and walk or cycle along the clear water steam to discover several small waterfalls on the forest trail before reaching Thassos’ only lake. 

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Eating out

Eating out

Thassos has a lot of home-grown produce to be proud of. Its honey, olive oil and nuts are celebrated and feature in many of the islands tavernas. Other local delicacies include pitarakia which is a light and tasty fritter made from courgette slices, as well as a bouyourdi, a baked feta and vegetable stew.

In Thassos Town, particularly on the waterfront you can expect to sample freshly caught fish and seafood that is simply grilled and served with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon.

There are only a few select types of wine and the best of these is made in the mountain village of Kazaviti. If you need something stronger, try the potent local tsipouro which is similar to ouzo.

Restaurant Poseidon is located on the coast, on the beachfront of Potos, here they serve seafood and meat dishes, with the local dish kleftiko being a speciality.

For a traditional atmosphere, book a table at Coralli in the centre of Skala Maries. Located next to the sea, this fish tavern offers fresh seafood and beautiful views.

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Blessed with clear waters and plenty of beaches, as well as stunning countryside, Thassos is the best destination for you and your family.

For a great view of Thassos Town, take the fun train for a tour of the seaside villages of Skala Panagia and Skala Potamia. During the evenings another train offers night tours of Thassos Town.

If you fancy a family horse riding adventure you have two options, either take a ride along the beach or trek up in the mountains. If you’d rather perfect your technique, you can take a riding lesson at the school in Skala Prinou.

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Action & Adventure

Action & Adventure

As you can imagine, because of its location, Thassos is full of action and adventure. From activities in the Aegean Sea, to the peaks filled with vineyards and olive groves, there is lots to explore.

Water sports are big on this island.  Take your pick from snorkelling, wind surfing, body surfing, kayaking, banana and donut riding, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, speed boats and sailing. You’ll find plenty of beaches to take part in these activities including Golden Beach and Skala Rachoni Beach to the north, and Pefkari Beach and Psili Ammos Beach in the south.

To see a bit more of the sea, hire a boat to discover a secluded beach or catch a glimpse a group of dolphins. Take the Around The Island Trip, which tours the Thassos’ entire coastline, or the Bays Trip and Beautiful Beaches which are shorter and stop off at some of the best beaches the island has to offer. Enjoy a lunch from the on-deck barbecue.

The landscape of Thassos is a paradise for mountain bikers. Hire a bike from one of the many shops on the island and follow the mule and goat trails to see the lush and peaceful centre of the island.

For an off-road experience take a Jeep tour of the mountains. Your guide will talk you through the local fauna and also prepare a barbecue on the all-day safari.

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Whether you want a sandy, rocky, wild or deserted beach, you can take your pick in Thassos.

Paradise Beach caters for both families and adults. As its name suggests, this paradise like beach has fine sand and shallow waters, with plenty of waves to play in. On the left side of the beach, hidden by the rock pools is an area reserved for nudists.

As the longest stretch of sand in Thassos, Golden Beach is a popular haunt for those who want to relax on the beach but also have decent amenities nearby. There are a selection of tavernas on the beachfront so you can dry off and de-sand at the end of the day.

Saliara beach, better known as Marble beach because of its covering of unique white stones, is four kilometres long and has some sunbeds and parasols for those who want to sunbathe. The clarity of the water is amazing here and means you can snorkel and swim safely.

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If you want to inject a little more life into your Thassos holiday, then wait for the sun to go down and hit the capital. Most of the island’s bars and clubs are in Thassos Town.

To warm up for a big night, go for an after dinner cocktail at Island Café which is on the beach beyond the old harbour. Holidaymakers love the lively Full Moon bar because of the music and its central location.

The island’s most popular haunt is Bolero. The outdoor disco is on the road to Limenaria and hosts many famous DJs who start playing music from midnight. 

For a traditional night out, pay Orizontes Taverna a visit watch the live music featuring Greek bouzouki. Cafe Island near the Old Port is a perfect place for cocktails and dancing. The well-known disco Nile, in Limenaria is on the beach and provides the perfect setting for dancing the night away.

If you want to venture out of Thassos Town, then the resorts of Potos and Limenaria, also have a vibrant nightlife with lots of trendy waterfront bars.

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Thassos is made for romantic getaways. With a wealth of pretty beachside bars and restaurants, to quiet beaches and untouched countryside, the island provides couples with the ideal hideaway.

Visit Skala Prinou for pristine beaches fringed by green mountains and sunsets to make you swoon. Explore the underwater delights of Thassos with a day of snorkelling and finish with a cocktail whilst taking in the sunset.

For the ultimate romantic activity, enjoy a horse drawn carriage. The traditional carriage is ideal during the summer months and is available in Thassos Town and Skala Potamia.

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Culture vultures love Thassos Town, as it is teeming with ancient ruins and artefacts, all of which can be seen in the Archaeological Museum near the harbour. The Ancient Agora is also another great historic sight. Its pillars lie in ruin and to the north of the Agora are the ruins of the ancient temple to Dionysus, dating back to the 4th century.

Above the old harbour lies the ancient wall that once surrounded the old city. A path leads past an ancient theatre to the acropolis. Also along the path is an amphitheatre built in the 3rd century that seats up to 3,000 spectators on the tiered stone seats. 

To the south east of Thassos Town sits Archangelous Monastery on a cliff top. Looking out to the picturesque Aegean Sea, you will find the ruins of Aliki and also the precious marble rocks from the former Byzantine quarry.

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