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Superb Skopelos holidays 2018 / 2019

Captivating architectural heritage, charming cobbled streets and beautiful sea views – this is what awaits you on your holidays to Skopelos. The island of Skopelos is blessed with an endless supply of fantastic beaches and enthralling natural landscapes, but those that seek more than the beach bum lifestyle will be vindicated by choosing a trip to the island’s primary town. Culture and history are primary features of Skopelos Town, boasting churches and chapels, alluring buildings and engaging museums.

For those after the beach vibe, the south of the island boasts clean sandy beaches and calm seas, while the rugged north offers some great water sports in the rougher waters, while the surrounding landscapes are a sight for sore eyes.

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Top Attractions

Top Attractions

A trip to Greece should always encompass a balance between exploring the country’s rich history and embracing its diverse and beautiful landscapes. During holidays in Skopelos Town, both of these features are easily accessed, and within just a stone’s throw of your hotel. The town boasts some of the finest architecture on the island, and has been honoured as a Traditional Settlement of Outstanding Beauty. Beside the cobbled streets are beautiful houses, adorned with flowers and shrubs, while countless churches and chapels chime around the white-walled alleyways.

The island of Skopelos is blessed with some stunning natural attractions, among them a long list of beaches and a large forested area on the east of the island known as Palouki. This is a great place to hike and grab some panoramic views of the island and the surrounding coastline. For beaches, the south is home to some of the most attractive, with long strips of sand and calm waters perfect for swimming.

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Wine and Dine

Wine and Dine

Indulging in the delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet will surely be one of the highlights on your holiday to Skopelos. Colourful peppers, grilled meat and of course, a large variety of fresh seafood encountered here make Skopelos a popular foodie destination.

A popular lunch and dinner choice is mezze; which is simply speaking the Greek version of tapas. A large assortment of smaller dishes such as fresh feta salad, grilled halloumi, and hummus are served for everyone to share. This is not uncommonly accompanied by a delicious glass of local wine, or even some Ouzo- a local aniseed based spirit. For dessert be sure to try the famous baklava.

Traditional Greek tavernas have a wonderful atmosphere, and are the preferred place for a midday meal. If you prefer to sit down and possibly meet some locals over a cup of coffee, be sure to seek out a local Kafenion, which makes for a truly unique Greek experience!

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For Families

For Families

Sailing tours can be booked in several places around the island. Spend the day exploring Skopelos' coasts as well as surrounding islands; go swimming, watch the sunset from a boat, and enjoy a barbecue to make this an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Fishing trips can also be arranged, giving your family a chance to catch their own dinner which you can barbecue on the very same day!

Skopelos has good roads, making cycling an attractive option for the whole family to enjoy. A cycle along Skopelos' coasts is a rewarding experience and is a good way of exploring the island and its stunning natural beauty.

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Action and Adventure

Action and Adventure

With such breathtaking natural beauty, holidays in Skopelos will include many outdoor-based activities. In the rugged north of the island you will find all kinds of different water sports, such as water skiing, windsurfing, and also the more relaxing stand-up paddle boarding. The action is available for all different skill levels, so why not try out something new whilst you're here?

Adventurous holidaymakers are drawn to Skopelos due to the many hiking possibilities here. Many old footpaths zig-zag around the island taking you through some challenging and exciting terrain and provide you with a perfect opportunity to explore some of the unique nature found on Greek islands. Mountain biking is a similarly thrilling possibility. These activities are best enjoyed in the spring or autumn, when temperatures have dropped slightly, making for a much more comfortable climate.

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Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

Skopelos boasts wonderful picturesque beaches on all of its coasts, all of which have a different and distinct character. The beaches in the south of the island have a more relaxing feel to them; with soft, clean sand and calm water making this an ideal place to relax and enjoy a whole day of sunbathing. One outstanding example is Stafilos beach.

Crystal clear waters in the southern half of the island make this an ideal scuba diving location, and many dive centres are found along the beaches here.

In contrast, the beaches found in the north of the island could not be any more different. Many holidaymakers come here due to the abundance of water-sports facilities, and the beautifully rough, mountainous landscapes. The rougher waters found here make activities such a kite-surfing and wake-boarding much more thrilling, and are suitable for all skill levels.

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The nightlife on Skopelos goes in line with what you expect from a relaxing Greek island getaway, offering several different options of a relaxing and sophisticated night out. Skopelos Town and Glossa, the two largest resorts on the island, are full of lounge bars serving delicious and exotic cocktails while the soothing sound of jazz and soft electronic music plays in the background. We recommend the Mercurius Bar for cocktails, and the Platanos Jazz Bar for those who enjoy live music.

A number of beach bars are also scattered across the island, offering a similarly relaxed ambience, and wonderful sunset views.

Local tavernas stay open until late, so there will be no hurry to enjoy your long dinner. Have a glass of local wine and enjoy the quaint atmosphere of these typically Greek Island evening getaways.

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For Couples

For Couples

First and foremost, Skopelos is a romantic Greek island getaway. With a wealth of beautiful dining options, quaint and cute taverns and bars and breathtaking sunset viewpoints your holiday to Skopelos is best enjoyed with your significant other. Be sure to visit St. John's chapel; a picturesque chapel situated on the edge of a cliff made famous due to its appearance in the film 'Mama Mia!'.

Classy cocktail bars occupy beautiful locations across the island, meaning you'll be enjoying your drinks will also drinking in wonderful views.

The many beaches, all with a distinctly different feel to them, are awaiting to be explored. Hire a car or a scooter to visit as many as you can all at your own pace, independent of buses and schedules.

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Skopelos is home to a wealth of historical architecture, left behind by numerous different cultures that inhabited this island throughout the aeons.

Although ruins from the classical Greek bronze age can be found here, Skopelos is famous for it's more recent history, from the 16th century onwards. This history is reflected in the architecture found across the island, with most houses possessing whitewashed exteriors and traditional orange tiled roofs. The many churches, chapels and castles left behind from this era show clear influences of the Renaissance which swept across Europe at the time.

Antique furniture is also common here, a further indicator of the rich cultural heritage of this magical island.

Visit the folklore museum as well as the mansion of Vakratsa to learn the local legends about foreign conquerors, saints, pirate's treasures and exotic creatures.

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