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Skiathos holidays 2019 / 2020

Skiathos is a small island in the Sporades Archipelago and was one of the first to be developed with tourism in mind, meaning Skiathos holidays are designed to be perfect from start to finish.

Flights and hotels on the island are affordable, making a holiday to Greece in 2019 / 2020 and 2019 / 2020 an excellent choice for a cheap holiday. This little island has a rich history and beautiful beaches, and the buzzing main town of Skiathos (Skiathos Town) has a vibrant mix of glitzy seafront development and hidden gems in the old town districts, leading up to the Tris Ierarhes and Agia Triada Churches.

A short ferry ride from its neighbour island, Skolepos, makes Skiathos an excellent base for further exploration of these beautiful Greek Islands in 2019 / 2020 and 2019 / 2020.

Most popular hotels in Skiathos

Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel
Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel
Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel

Skiathos Town, Skiathos

from £569 pp

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Top attractions

Top attractions

As well as putting you in a good location for an adventure through the varied terrain of Skiathos, an island of intriguing coastal allure and mountainous landscapes, you will also be able to take a ferry to different parts of Greece, including Skopelos and Volos.

Before doing so, however, you may want to settle down at any number of tavernas along Megali Ammos for a snack or two to fuel your excursions, the colourful local cuisine being the ideal way to fill the belly. Taverns and bars are also numerous so you can pick up a couple of cocktails to ease in the evenings while enjoying the sunset during your holidays to Skiathos if you so wish.

Enjoy peaceful days on the gloriously sandy beaches on your cheap holiday to Skiathos before heading out on the town in the evenings, get the kids enrolled in a water sport or two to keep them satisfied or traverse antiquated lanes, window-shopping in the quaint little stores which line the streets – holidays in Skiathos are full of possibilities, no matter what you’re planning for your next adventure!

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Eating out

Eating out

Discover your inner foodie by indulging in the deliciously healthy Mediterranean diet on a Skiathos holiday; consisting of colourful peppers, olives and of course an abundance of fresh seafood.

Skiathos is home to a large number of local restaurants and taverns serving all kinds of food, ranging from simple and delicious grilled meat to Mezze; a large assortment of smaller dishes such as hummus, halloumi cheese, as well as various salads served for the whole table to share. It is not uncommon in Greek culture to keep eating while out for drinks in a tavern, making dinner last for much longer than most people are used to. Locally produced wine is commonly drunk to accompany dinner and Ouzo; a local aniseed-based spirit is also a favourite amongst locals. Also, be sure to try Baklava; a local dessert option. Great places to try traditional Greek village cuisine are Kolios and Troulous, small fishing villages dotted on the coast.

If you prefer to enjoy traditional Greek food in a more modern and less rustic setting, try out Olive Land. Furthermore, if you decide to have a break from Greek food, Medousa is a popular Italian restaurant.

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With over 60 beaches in total, family holidays to Skiathos in 2018 will involve lots of sunbathing, swimming, and sandcastle building. Rougher seas are found on the northern side of the island, which appeals to all kinds of water sports enthusiast, while the south boasts much clearer waters; making it ideal for a relaxing day of swimming and chilling.

Be sure to check out the Akkiton open-air cinema on Papadiamantis street in Skiathos town. Watch English films with Greek subtitles whilst being surrounded by the rustic and unique atmosphere of a Greek island town, you visit in the daytime, and during summer there are shows most nights!

Rent out some snorkelling gear and take your family out for a wonderful day of snorkelling! Make use of the crystal clear waters found just off the coast, and witness a colourful display of marine life just below the surface.

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Action & Adventure

Action & Adventure

For adventurous types there is plenty to get your pulse racing on Skiathos holidays, lots of the action takes place in or around the water – try sailing or scuba diving or even surfing while you are here, taking advantage of one of the excellent watersports schools.

With cheap flights to Skiathos, adventure is not far away. There is so much untouched beauty on this island to explore.

For action inland, there are lots of excellent hiking trails in the lush pine forests of the region from a quiet ramble to a challenging hike. The villages of Kolios and Trolous, or the Achladies area, are all good places to start your adventure.

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Skiathos holidays offer some fantastic beaches that are big selling points for booking. Skiathos Town's beach, Megali Ammos, is a good place to start your beach holiday. Most beaches are backed by pine forests and have crystal clear waters with soft sand. Koukounaries is the biggest and most popular beach, stretching in a gentle horseshoe shape with the quintessential pine trees and yellow sands making it a gorgeous place to relax. Expect all kinds of ameneties here with water sports, sun beds and cafés. Visit Kolios Beach, or Trolous Beach, both backed by thier beautiful, eponymous beaches. 

In the north of Skiathos, Lalaria is a more secluded, wilder beach with caves and spectacular rock formations that make for some great photos and walking but less good for swimming and sunbathing. Naturists tend to frequent the sandy Banana beach which is close to Koukounaries and this is also sheltered with calm shallow waters.

There are lots of other small beaches, mainly with amenities and spectacular backdrops. At Plakes, the cafés and houses tumble down to the beach and after an afternoon lazing on the beach you don’t have far to go to find something to eat and drink to end the day. Whichever resort you choose, for whichever beach, it's easy to see that Skiathos holidays have plenty to offer on the beach front.

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Due to decades of established tourism, Skiathos holidays boast a lively nightlife scene which includes bars of many different styles, as well as nightclubs. The most famous clubs in Skiathos town, Kahlua and BBC, are located north-east of the port along the seaside. Both clubs have a modern design and layout and play the latest electronic music hits.

You are not shy of options if you prefer lively bars to nightclubs. Phedrock Bar, as well as Danny and Zoe's Blind Dog (both of which are in Skiathos town), are popular ex-pat owned bars; perfect for having a couple of drinks and meeting fellow holidaymakers. If you prefer to hear rock music on your night out, head over to Totem bar as well as Rock ‘n’ Roll bar, both located in Skiathos town.

Furthermore, the De Facto Bar is the islands most popular and well known gay bar, while the Gin Fish is a laid-back cocktail bar offering a more relaxed ambience.

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Skiathos holidays offer an island of wonder, attracting couples from all over the world looking for a blend of adventure and much needed alone time on their holidays.

Start off your romantic Greek island adventure by booking yourself in for the Carousel Cruise. This magical tour will take you past stunning coastlines and the famous Blue caves, before continuing to mainland Greece for lunch in a fishing village; then it’s on to swimming by an uninhabited island, before heading back to Skiathos. If you want a taste of the quintessential Skiathos experience, try visiting Lalaria Beach.

Many exquisite dinner options ranging from quaint, rustic and local, to modern deluxe restaurants make going out for dinner an occasion to look forward to. Enjoy the delicious food, share a bottle of wine, and enjoy the ambience a simple candlelight creates.

Skiathos is home to a large number of romantic hotels specially designed with couples in mind. With beautiful settings and exclusive service, taking up temporary residence in a luxury hotel is one of the best ways to enjoy each other's company and make the most of the deserved break you both need.

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As with many islands belonging to Greece, Skiathos is steeped in history and culture. There's a lot on offer on any Greek Island holiday in terms of history, but a holiday to Skiathos will leave you satisfied.

There are several monasteries worth visiting, such as the old monastery of Panaghia Ekonistria and Panghia Kechria as well as the more famous Holy Monastery of Evangelistria, which reflect the islands long relationship with Christianity. Be sure to visit the Byzantine Church of Christ which, with its notably different architecture reflects a different era of the island's history. Many other old churches can be found throughout the island, which is best visited by driving around with a rented car or motorcycle.

To learn about some truly local Skiathos history and culture, visit the Papadiamantis house; a museum dedicated to the famous local writer Alexandros Papadiamantis, and formerly his place of residence.

The local population speaks primarily Greek, however English, as well as some basic German and French is widely spoken in the tourist-focused areas due to many visitors from visitors flocking to Skiathos every year. Outside of the main tourist areas, it's rare to encounter locals with adequate English capabilities.

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