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Praia is Cape Verde's capital, located on the island of Santiago, the largest of all the Cape Verde Islands. At a population of 100,000, Praia doesn't so much cater to the tourists as accommodate them. This is a bustling, working city, with an operating port and industry.

The island of Santiago has a varied landscape, ranging from mountain scapes to sandy beaches, and much of the island is wild, rugged and undeveloped, even though half the population of the Cape Verde islands resides on it. Running from east to west is the Sera Malagueta, which encircles the island's highest point, the Pico d'Antonia. African and Portuguese culture both influence Santiago.

Which Cape Verde island is for you?

So, you’re thinking of heading to Cape Verde (officially called Cabo Verde) for your holidays but can’t work out which island to choose? We’ve put the three most popular of the islands – Sal, Boa Vista and Santiago – head-to-head so you can decide which one is for you!