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Petra Holidays 2019 / 2020

Located in southern Jordan, Petra is a place of wonder and fascinating marvels. The area experiences a desert climate with hot temperatures throughout the year.

Petra is often highlighted for its sheer beauty and exquisiteness. The city is 2000 years old and was home to the Nabataeans.

The Ancient City which is known for its tall red cliffs and architecture carved through the rock by the Nabateans. As a result, it was named a UNESCO Heritage Site and voted one of the new ‘Seven Wonder of the World’.

Cheap holidays to Petra are perfect! Discover the wonderful sights here in the form of temples and other buildings. Plus, with museums and so much more to explore, you’ll have plenty to do with a holiday to Petra.

Things to do in Petra

Things to do in Petra

A 2000-year-old city surely has so much to see. That rings true in the case of Petra. There is a huge array of temples, rock walls and monuments to witness in the historical wonder.

  • Al Khazneh – This is perhaps the most well-recognised monuments in Petra. Al Khazneh is a temple, impressively carved out of the sandstone rock.
  • Siq – Your first taste of Petra will be through the Siq. It serves as the main gateway to the city. Walk through this kilometre-long gorge which is surrounded by towering red cliff. Al Khazneh is located at the end of the Siq. 
  • Ad Deir – A unique monastery carved out of a mountain crest. Ad Deir is in a beautiful setting which makes it entirely unique. It takes quite a difficult hike to get there, but it is well-worth the experience.
  • Royal Tombs – There are several tombs which were made for Nabatean royalty. You can explore some of these tombs including the Urn Tomb, the Silk Tomb and the Palace Tomb.   
  • The Great Temple – Built in 100 BC, the Great Temple is the largest freestanding building in Petra. Surrounded by columns, the Great Temple even includes a theatre.
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Petra family holidays

Petra family holidays

For families who love stepping back in time and exploring historical cities, Petra holidays are perfect. It’s usually recommended to stay at least two days in Petra to visit the major sights. However, some families may find it easier to stay longer, or perhaps even just a day visit. There is plenty to see in Petra and many wonders which will surely intrigue the kids.

Petra is probably best for older kids as there is a lot of walking and hiking involved. Although, you can take a camel or donkey ride on some treks. Walk through the Siq together as you catch a glimpse of Al Khazneh at the end of gorge. The rose city also has museums to visit which will surely be interesting for the kids. Plus, the outdoor theatre and Ad Deir will be great sights to see with the whole family as you learn about the Nabataeans and the 2000-year-old city together.

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Petra culture

Petra culture

Petra’s history and culture can be found in the carefully carved monuments throughout the city. It was in fact the Nabataeans, a nomadic Arabian tribe, who built the city of Petra. It soon became the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. Aside from their architectural abilities, it seems that the Nabataeans had many other talents too. This included pottery which is said to have been learnt from the earlier settlement of the Edomites.

Later on, in 64 BC, the Romans annexed the Nabataean Kingdom and made changes to the city of Petra. There were many Roman-style additions including the expansion of the theatre and an arch built over the Siq. Recently, Petra has become an important place for the local Bedouins. As a result, you’ll see many of the Bedouin people during your trip to the city.

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Getting to Petra

Getting to Petra

Once in Jordan, getting to Petra is simple enough. If you fly into Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, you can get to Petra in three hours by car. However, if you fly into Aqaba’s King Husein International Airport, Petra is only a 1.5 – 2 hour drive away. Public transport is also an option, the JETT Bus leaves Amman once a day at 6:30am and arrives in Petra at 10:30am. It returns to Amman at 5pm. From Aqaba you can catch a bus from the central market.

The nearest town to Petra is Wadi Musa which is where you’ll find a whole heap of Petra-related tourism. The visitor centre is located at the entrance of the Ancient City and this is where you’ll buy tickets for entry.

Petra entry prices

Accommodated visitors (staying at least one night in Jordan):

One day ticket – 50 JD

Two-day ticket – 55 JD

Three-day ticket – 60 JD

Accommodated visitors who visit Petra on their first day:

Entry – 90 JD

Non-accommodated visitors:

Entry – 90 JD

Petra by Night:

Tickets – 17 JD

A valid passport or ID is needed to buy tickets. Tickets are available via credit card or cash. Children under the age of 12 are free of charge. Residents of Jordan pay 1 JD to enter Petra.

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When to go

When to go

Petra experiences hot temperatures, especially during the peak of summer. Visiting Petra often includes a lot of time walking and hiking around various sights. Consequently, it is better to avoid heading to the city in the summer months. Instead opt for spring or autumn when the temperatures are cooler and more bearable.

Average monthly temperature (°C):

  • January: 15° / 3°
  • February: 17° / 4°
  • March: 20° / 7°
  • April: 26° / 11°
  • May: 30° / 15°
  • June: 34° / 17°
  • July: 35° / 19°
  • August: 36° / 19°
  • September: 33° / 17°
  • October: 29° / 14°
  • November: 21° / 8°
  • December: 17° / 4°
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Petra couples holidays

Petra couples holidays

Petra holidays are a great choice for any couple who consider themselves a pair of history buffs. Learn all about the past of this UNESCO World Heritage Site as you admire all it has to offer. From the settlement of the Nabataeans to the strongly rooted Bedouin culture. Petra is not only eye-opening, but it is breath-taking too.

Start your journey together by walking through the Siq, a kilometre-long gorge which twists and turns through Petra’s signature red mountains. Once you’ve come out of the surrounding cliffs, you’ll encounter the magnificent Al Khazneh, otherwise known as the treasury. When you’re with your loved one, you can’t miss out on the stunning Ad Deir and the wonderful views of Petra from a small mountain opposite Ad Deir.

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Petra food

Petra food

When in Petra, you’re going to need plenty of delicious meals to keep you energised for your treks and sightseeing. There are plenty of top restaurants which can be found in Wadi Musa or the Ancient City itself. Grab a bite to eat, whether it be local Jordanian cuisine or international favourites, then carry on with discovering Petra.

  • Basin Restaurant – Located in Petra itself, the Basin Restaurant serves up tasty international dishes in a buffet style. Enjoy everything from falafel to barbeque.
  • Al Qantarah – In Wadi Musa, why not give this restaurant a try? It specialises in Jordanian food also in a buffet style.
  • Zawaya Restaurant – Yet another restaurant serving international cuisine. It has an intimate atmosphere and is rising in popularity amongst travellers.
  • Sandstone Restaurant – Petra is known for it’s rose sandstone, so it’s only right you visit the Sandstone Restaurant. With an outdoor terrace and succulent mixed grills available, you can’t go wrong.
  • Nabataean Tent Restaurant – Based in the Ancient City, this restaurant mainly offers local Jordanian cuisine with a couple of international options. It boasts a romantic setting under jacaranda trees which look stunning during the spring.
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People also ask

People also ask

What time does Petra open and close?

The visitor centre’s opening hours are 6am – 6pm during the summer and 6am – 4pm during the winter. Petra itself has an unofficial closing time of 7pm in the summer and 5pm in the winter. However, with Petra by Night tickets, you will be able to enter after these times.

Do I need a guide during my visit to Petra?

Many people do find having a guide helpful and easy. You can arrange a guide at the visitor centre.

How long should I spend in Petra?

You can tailor the length of your stay in Petra around your other arrangements for your Jordan holiday. Some people spend a day in the city, but often that isn’t enough. As a result, staying for longer allows you ease to see everything Petra has to offer. 

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