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Set amongst a parade of awe-inspiring mountains, an enviable climate, and a golden horizon of desert Americana is the southwestern region of Nevada, USA. The naturally picture-perfect stateside destination for all visitors. It is also the home of the city of Las Vegas, famous around the world for its many casinos, unrivalled nightlife and wealth of luxury hotels found nowhere else on earth. Save more for the wheels and ticking machines by booking a cheap holiday right here.

Are you a nature lover looking for pristine forests, extensive desserts, and awe-inspiring canyon landscapes? Or maybe a culture lover interested in learning more about the 'wild west' period of US history? Perhaps even, you're travelling simply for the fun of it, and want to enjoy yourself in the many casino's Reno as well as Las Vegas has to offer; the state of Nevada has it all, and accommodates every kind of holidaymaker!

Top resorts in Nevada

Las Vegas
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Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower
Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower
Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Top Attractions

Top Attractions

Home to an extensive Native history and an energetic modern culture (and with the highest density of mountains in any US state), you’ll never be at a loss for things to do on your holidays in Nevada. How about a visit to the state capital of Carson City, where you can envelop yourself in its natural charm, antiquated architecture and typically western hospitality? Or would you prefer to party until morning in the spirited riches or relics of the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street respectively or see the sights of Vegas’ little sister and cousin cities Reno and Sparks for a more family-friendly option. Feeling outdoorsy? You can straddle the stateline of Nevada and Arizona with a trip to the Hoover Dam, or cross it entirely for an unforgettable journey to a modern wonder - the Grand Canyon – which is situated just four hours from central Las Vegas itself.

Whether you’re taking a hike up one of the state’s many mountains, partying in the eternal indulgence of Las Vegas, or soaking up some of the famous Nevadan sunshine, you’re guaranteed a good time. Just remember, the deserts aren’t the only things coloured golden in the US’s 35th state – Nevada is also the fourth-largest producer of the precious metal in the world. In Nevada, all that glitters most certainly is gold!

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Wine and Dine

Wine and Dine

Nevada prides itself in its very recent and multicultural history, which is expressed in the varied cuisine found throughout the state as well as the lack of a 'state dish'. During the gold rush, many people from the Basque country settled here, which has influenced the area's cuisine considerably and given rise to many Basque restaurants. However, the only dish Nevada can legitimately call its own, is the famous 'shrimp cocktail' which was introduced in Las Vegas in the late 1950's. Nonetheless, if you ask a Nevadan “what food is your state famous for?” the most likely answer would be “everything!”.

Top quality restaurants with chefs from all across the globe offer an abundance of choice, resulting in every dinner being as different as you want it to be! Anything from fantastic Thai food at the highly rated Lotus of Siam restaurant, to genuine Mexican cuisine at Mi Casita and El Jinete is on offer, and the diversity will always keep you excited for your next meal!

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For Families

For Families

A wealth of family friendly resorts can be found throughout the state, offering anything from playgrounds and water-parks for children, luxurious spa and wellness packages for parents, as well as full sized cinemas where the whole family can enjoy a film together. The Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas is famous for its family friendly atmosphere, and activities which will keep everybody entertained.

Las Vegas also hosts many family friendly activities such as Adventuredome and the Magical Forest theme parks, which makes for an exciting day out. Maybe you are more interested in Go-Karting? Then be sure to check out the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Go Carting Extravaganza for hours of non-stop fun and action!

For an unforgettable camping experience which also crosses state boarders, consider the Canyon Family Discovery tour. This family friendly experience will let you experience the best of several US states, including Nevada, taking you through spectacular and iconic scenery.

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Action and Adventure

Action and Adventure

Hiking and exploring the wonderful outdoor opportunities this US state has to offer will surely be one of the highlights on your Nevada holiday. You might want to consider booking a tour guide, as this may help you find hidden gems rarely seen by other tourists.

Visiting in wintertime? Head to the Californian state-line and along the northern shores of the gorgeous Lake Tahoe where you’ll find Incline Village. Located deep inside the Sierra Nevada mountain range, many ski resorts can be found in this area attracting snow sports enthusiasts during the colder months, whilst the area transforms into a hiking paradise when the snow melts. Since this little gem is situated on the west coast, you’re bound to find plenty of public beaches to dip your toes in!

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Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

Despite the lack of a coastline, a lot of sand can be found in Nevada's deserts. The large number of rivers and lakes scattered across the state, as well as infinity pools found in Las Vegas and Reno hotels definitely make up for the lack of beaches.

Holidays to Nevada will see you spend a lot of time outdoors, and explore it's hugely varied terrain which will take you from snowy mountain peaks to scorching hot deserts, and everything in between. Be sure to check out the stunning scenery found around lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake found in the US, along the Californian state boarder.

The grand Mojave Desert is a unique landscape eager to be explored by more adventurous holidaymakers. A trip to this area will reward you with outstanding scenery which you might recognize from classic 'wild west' films. The famous Death Valley is located here, which is considered by many to be the hottest place on earth during the height of summer and is also the USA's lowest point at 86 metres below sea level. Three national parks are found in this huge desert, as well as the city of Las Vegas, making this one of the USA's most popular tourist destinations.

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It is impossible to speak about Nevada's nightlife scene without mentioning the world famous casino cities of Reno and Las Vegas. Both cities have risen to fame through their unrivalled nightlife, culminating in some of the worlds best nightclubs, restaurants, bars and adult entertainment possibilities. Grandiose hotels compete for customers by putting on extravagant shows, which attract some of the best actors, singers and dancers to come and perform here.

Reno is located in northern Nevada, and is known as the “Biggest little city in the world”. Despite its small size, especially compared to Las Vegas, Reno is mentioned and referenced in countless US films as well as songs and has truly made its mark on America's social consciousness. Since the 1950's, Las Vegas has eclipsed Reno as being the party and casino capital of the US, with world famous casino hotels such as the Bellagio, Cesar's Palace and The Venetian offering service and entertainment found nowhere else on earth. Countless more luxurious casino's can be found along Las Vegas' “The Strip” making this one the USA's most popular tourist destinations.

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For Couples

For Couples

Couples will love their holidays to Nevada, which offer so many opportunities for a wonderfully romantic experience for just the two of you. Let your troubles simply melt away at one of the world class hotels, offering spectacular all-inclusive deals providing you with everything you might need: spas, wine, and of course, room service. Explore the countless restaurants serving anything from Japanese to Italian food, providing you with one unforgettable dinner experience after another.

One of Nevada's most underrated attractions is its huge amount of empty space, which for you means it is easy to get away from the crowds. Why not rent a car, and enjoy a picnic under the stars with your significant other, just outside of town? You'll be amazed at the view presented to you on a clear night!

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To soak up some history of the state, head to Virginia City, one of the most famous of mining towns due to gold being discovered here in 1863. The town is now a ‘ghost town’ with frontier buildings still standing intact as if stuck in time. Since the 1950’s when a Charles and Sue Bovey decided to buy the town and create a museum out of the remains, Virginia City has been a toursit destination. You can take walking tours around the place or a steam train that travels from Virignia City to Nevada City and back. For other frontier type towns in Nevada, head to Ely or to the Western Folklife Center in Elko where you can find out all about ranch culture and the Wild West history. Elko also hosts the annual Silver State Stampede, a rodeo begun in 1913 and still very much the same today.

There is a big community of Basque people in Nevada, people who came over in the gold rush and have helped to mould the culture of this part of the States. Now every year, the Basque communities celebrate their heritage and the event has become huge with performances of Basque music, dancing, foods, traditional competitions such as bread making or wood chopping, a parade, a run through the town and a final big dance that everyone is welcome to. Festivities usually occur on or around the 4th July to coincide with independence day.  

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