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Take a wild and exotic ride on your next holiday with a trip to Kenya. Situated on the east coast of Africa nestled against the Indian Ocean, Kenya offers a variety of great holiday options. Take an unforgettable safari ride over the African plains and discover some of the world’s most majestic animals in their natural habitat. We'll help you find a great selection of deals and cheap holidays to Kenya.

When you want a break from the binoculars, head to Bamburi Beach or Diani Beach, and unwind on Kenya’s unspoilt golden sands. Looking for culture? Enjoy some of Kenya’s local dishes such as a tasty meat stew served with the staple, ugali or kuku choma, a chicken dish using chillies and tomato salsa.

After filling your stomach with delicious Kenyan foods, head to one of the country's great national parks. The wildlife will leave you breathless as you hike through the animal retreats with an experienced guide.

Holidays to Kenya are unlike any other holiday out there. has the perfect package to take you to one of the best spots off the beaten path.


Top Attractions

Top Attractions

Kenya's safaris and national parks are the best way to start a holiday to the African country. Many tourists that visit Kenya go for the chance to see lions, elephants and other animals in their natural habitat. The Maasai Mara National Reserve forms a corridor of wildlife between Kenya and Tanzania. Witness the Great Migration at the park and see thousands of wildebeest travel across the park.

The island of Lamu is another top tourist attraction. Located just off the coast, the UNESCO World Heritage Site has been inhabited since the 12th century. The island has had influence from Arab, Indian and European settlers, making it one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Kenya.

No trip to Kenya would be complete without a trip to the capital of Nairobi. The city is colourful and features architecture from colonial times. Nairobi's museums showcase exhibits from Kenya's rich history. While in Nairobi, stop by the Giraffe Centre. The kids will love feeding the giraffes by hand when visiting the friendly, long-necked creatures.

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Wine and Dine

Wine and Dine

Due to Kenya's location and a portion of the country bordering the Indian Ocean, regional cuisines have developed. If you're on the coast, you'll find plenty of great fish dishes. Restaurant menus are filled with rice and fish meals. Your taste buds will find generous portions of coconut in dishes for flavour. Kenyan dishes are seasoned with exotic spices from the area, giving each meal a unique blend of tastes.

Travelling inland you'll find great local fare. Try the ugali, a cornmeal porridge, and feel like a local Kenyan. Staying in touch with your Kenyan side, the nyama choma – roast meat – is a delicious item to end the day with.

Although coffee is a major product produced in Kenya, tea remains the national drink. You'll find chai tea at nearly all restaurants and cafes in Kenya. The reviving drink will pick you up from any night out, or bring you back to life after a day at the beach.

The local-made wines are the perfect accompaniment to the local cuisine; while dawa is Kenya's most popular cocktail and great for starting the night. Vodka, white rum, honey and lime juice mixed and served over ice, the addictive concoction is a brilliant way to cool off on a hot night in Nairobi.

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For Families

For Families

Whether it is white sand beaches or a chance to peek at wild animals, Kenya is a great holiday destination for families. The beaches and safaris are perfect for wooing the children and will give them plenty of stories to tell when they return home.

Families visiting Kenya can interact with the Maasai tribe and learn about their culture. The kids can even learn some tips on how to become a Maasai warrior.

A trip to Lamu Island will uncover secrets and stories of Swahili culture. Lamu Old Town is filled with great architecture and museums to view.

Take the whole family to learn how to track big game. Kids and parents can find out how to locate different animals at Solio Ranch Conservancy. You'll be tracking game in no time.

Finish any trip to Nairobi with a visit to the Arboretum where Peace and quiet are on offer. The Arboretum is a jungle in Nairobi's centre as you cool down during a hot day of fun.

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Action and Adventure

Action and Adventure

Most travellers to Kenya go for the wildlife safaris. It isn't often, if ever, that you will get the chance to be up close and personal with some of the world's most dangerous animals. The country is full of national parks and wildlife reserves. Tsavo East and Lake Nakuru are just two of the more famous parks to spot elephants, lions and zebras in their natural habitat.

If you can pull yourself away from the safaris and the beaches, Mount Kenya is a great climbing and hiking destination. Africa's second largest mountain, Mount Kenya is a challenging climb for anyone. Climbing the mountain can offer a variety of difficulties: ice, snow and rock are all obstacles you may encounter. However, if you want to hike the mountain with less of a challenge, you can do that too on the many trails.

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Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

Kenya's location on the Indian Ocean provides visitors with the chance to soak up the sun and enjoy the calm waters that lap onto the shore. Malindi is one of the most popular destination on Kenya's east coast. The city's beach, Watamu, is nothing but golden sands and crystal clear waters. The warm waters are some of the best for snorkeling and diving; and you'll find plenty of opportunities to join in the other great water sports. When you tire of the sun, surf and sand, head into Malindi to view the melting pot of cultures that have created one of Kenya's most diverse towns.

Just south Mombasa is Diani Beach. Renowned for its coral reefs, Diani is considered one of Kenya's most popular beach destinations. If isolation is what you're after, Vipingo Beach is the perfect place. Surrounded by coconut trees, the beach attracts few visitors. A day at Vipingo will give you the chance to get away from the crowds. Whichever beach you choose, you'll be surrounded by the beautiful, serene landscape of Kenya.

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Kenya’s nightlife is quite varied. From large booming nightclubs to expat pubs, you should be able to find everything you are looking for in Kenya. But if you’re looking for a simple café or wine bar, you will definitely find that too.

Many of Kenya’s nightclubs and bars stay open late. So, if you get back from a safari late or want to party all night, there shouldn’t be any problem. Locals will typically find a restaurant for dinner before heading to a club, and there is a good chance they may stop off at a local bar prior to their final destination.

Nairobi and Mombasa are the kings of nightlife in Kenya and have a variety of night spots. One of the best parts about Kenyan bars and clubs, is many will allow you to wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops inside. It doesn’t matter if you come straight from the beach or pool as most drinking establishments will let you in.

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For Couples

For Couples

Picnics for two or cultural visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and museums are at your doorstep with a holiday to Kenya. Oloolua Nature Trail is a secluded hike across virgin lands. Stop during your walk for a picnic and to view the trail's flora.

The Elephant Orphanage is another great location to see African wildlife. You may even get the chance to bottle feed a baby elephant.

A romantic boat trip out into the Indian Ocean at sunset will delight your significant other. Some even do private dinner and drinks while you float on the high seas.

If you fancy a beach break together, Manda Island evokes romance from every pore. Head to the island for a great getaway for two. The island's crystal clear waters will put you in a dreamy mood as you listen to the surf lap onto the shore.

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Kenya has a very diverse culture, and the country features 40 different African ethnic groups. There are also several local languages spoken in the country. Add in the number of expats from around the globe living in Kenya, and you have one large melting pot of people.

English is one of Kenya’s two national languages and is widely spoken in the country. The other is Swahili, which borrows elements of Bantu, Arabic and European languages.

Kenyans have a formal etiquette when dining. It is also important to note that Kenyans don’t drink a beverage while eating. Once you complete your meal, a beverage will be served to you to drink. This doesn’t happen in every dining establishment. However, if you plan to eat like a local, you may come across restaurants that wait to serve drinks post-dinner. Also, remember the “left-hand” rule when eating. Traditionally in Kenyan culture, the left hand is only used for unhygienic acts, so not for eating. However, this is a rule that is most probably broken a lot so if you see someone doing it, don't mention it!

A handshake and greeting is very important in Kenya, and you may be approached by a local shopkeeper when entering and the formal custom is to hold your left hand to your chest as you shake with your right hand. Don’t find this strange as it is customary in Kenya.

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