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Cultural Hub of Cordoba

This Andalusian city is a fascinating destination, home to a captivating old city which is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and awaiting your exploration, in addition to this, embarking on Cordoba breaks will throw you into a destination of immense cultural diversity and fascinating history. Numerous interesting landmarks await you in the city and area around Cordoba Region, encountered across a network of winding ancient streets that encapsulate charm and character.

The mesmerising history of Spain is unavoidable through Cordoba, with the heritage of this city both significant and intriguing. Even for those holidaymakers that don’t feel curious about the history and culture of the area, the Roman and Arab-inspired sites and attractions that populate the city will be difficult to ignore. Much of this splendour is found in the form of the breath-taking Mezquita, a cathedral that once served as a mosque, and today displays the heritage and wealth of the city’s medieval core.

Roman, Arabic and Medieval Gems

During your stay in Cordoba, make sure you allocate a fair dose of your time to explore the majestic Mezquita. The magnificent complex is defined by a countless maze of columns, decorated with Islamic influences that radiate both the beauty and the history of the complex. Outside and away from the interior splendour you’ll encounter ancient walls, striking bell towers and the current central cathedral area.

If you’re not satisfied by the scale of the Mezquita, there are countless other historical and cultural sites awaiting you in Cordoba, many rivalling the allure of the city’s top party piece. The winding streets of the medieval Old City are a fantastic area to wander through your city breaks to Cordoba, allowing you to stumble across a myriad of sites that include the vibrant Jewish Quarter. From the old City Walls, make your way into the heart of the cultural core of Cordoba, encountering the Roman Bridge, the Alcazar and the Synagogue, all displaying the diversity of the city. If you need a break from the city lifestyle, descend upon the Costa del Sol where you can add a much needed beach break vibe to your sunny Spanish escape.