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Cayo Coco holidays 2019 / 2020

Jet off to paradise with a holiday to Cuba’s tropical Cayo Coco island. With breathtaking white sandy beaches, clear blue seas, colourful coral reefs teaming with marine life and stunning views this is the ideal destination for an unforgettable beach holiday. Cayo Coco is separated from mainland Cuba by a causeway, making it easy to explore some of Cuba’s delights before returning to your island retreat for some serious down time. Relax on a palm-lined beach, enjoy the facilities in one of the island’s all-inclusive hotels, watch the sun set with a cocktail in hand, or get active with some watersports or hiking in the spectacular natural surroundings. Cayo Coco’s lagoons and marshes are home to thousands of pink flamingos, one of the largest groups in the world. Whether you’re looking for a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or to discover some world-class diving, sunny Cayo Coco is a little slice of Caribbean heaven.

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Sol Cayo Coco
Sol Cayo Coco
Sol Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco

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Top attractions

Top attractions

Cayo Coco’s amazing beaches are more than enough to satisfy most holiday makers, but you’ll also find plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Watersports are popular, especially snorkelling and scuba diving. Cayo Coco’s reef is the second largest in the world and home to some amazing and rare tropical fish and marine animals. Whether you are a diving pro or snorkelling novice, Cayo Coco is a fantastic place to experience a beautiful underwater world. You can also treat the family to a memorable experience by swimming with dolphins. If you don’t fancy getting wet, you can take a glass-bottomed boat trip to view the colourful reef. Back on dry land, you can explore Cuba’s nearby mountains and forests on organised treks and horseback rides, and enjoy spotting some of the island’s exotic birds. Or get the adrenaline pumping with a visit to the Rocarena Climbing Centre, where you can find fun climbing courses for children and adults alike. You can even hop on an hour long flight and visit Cuba’s vibrant capital city, Havana. Take in the distinctive architecture, soak up the atmosphere with some music and dancing, or visit one of the fascinating museums or galleries. Book your Cuban dream today at!

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Eating out

Eating out

Most major resorts encountered in Cayo Coco will have food included in the hotel price; which means you're free to indulge at the snack bar as well as the a la carte restaurants, serving both local and international cuisine.

The different cuisines blended together to create what is known as Cuban food is a wonderful reflection of the nations diverse and multicultural history. This multicultural blending has produced a cuisine based on Native American food; strongly influenced by Spanish and African cooking techniques, as well as spices and flavours originating in the Caribbean cuisine.

Rice and beans are common staple foods which are usually served alongside either chicken or beef, prepared in a number of different ways and accompanied with a sauce. The most popular of these is mojo/mojito sauce (not to be confused with the mojito cocktail!), which is made from oil, garlic, and onion, as well as oregano, bitter orange and/or lime juice.

However, many local dishes differ significantly from one another and don't always include a staple food. One example is Boliche; a traditional Cuban dish consisting of a beef roast stuffed with hard boiled eggs and chorizo sausage.

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Family holidays to Cayo Coco will be centred on the many fabulous hotels offering a tranquil ambience and non-stop activities for those seeking entertainment. Children can enjoy the kids club as well as splash around in large swimming pools, while Mum and Dad enjoy the evening entertainment of live music and shows. The Iberostar Playa Pilar is one such family orientated hotel boasting a children's pool, as well as a private beach next to shallow water where the whole family can build sand castles.

Have a fun family day out to the Rocarena Climbing Centre, which employs professional instructors teaching adults and children of all ages how to climb through an adventurous obstacle course!

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Action & Adventure

Action & Adventure

Cayo Coco is not the first place adventurous thrill seekers come to satisfy their adrenaline craving; however, those who get itchy feet after laying in the sun and swimming in the sea for a couple of days have several options to explore.

The Rocarena climbing centre is an elaborate, state of the art obstacle course made of ropes and ladders, as well as wood and metal contraptions that are both physically and mentally demanding. Bungee jumps are also offered as part of the experience at this German designed thrill paradise. Although a tough test of resilience, it is carried out under safe conditions and supervised by experienced professionals; adventure seekers of all ages are welcome!

Kite surfing in Cayo Coco is becoming more and more popular every season, with companies like Kite Cuba providing equipment as well as experienced and friendly staff to help you.

The clear waters off coast make Cayo Coco an attractive diving destination, rewarding visitors with a colourful and rich display of Caribbean marine life.

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With over 20km of pristine white sands to enjoy, the island of Cayo Coco is a beach lovers’ dream. Warm Caribbean waves lap the shores, coconut trees gently sway in the breeze, and most of the island’s stylish hotels are situated next to the beaches, giving you easy access to fantastic facilities and refreshments. All of Cuba’s beaches are public however, so you can stroll along the coastline as you please. Some beaches are separated by exposed coral reef which makes for a spiky obstacle at times – bring your beach shoes! The beaches are mostly situated on the north of the island, the largest being the 5km long Playa Uva Caleta. The smallest, Playa Las Conchas boasts access to a luxurious hotel Spa, perfect for a relaxing day. Watersports, sun loungers and umbrellas are on offer along all of the hotel beaches. The beach on the nearby tiny island of Playa Pilar is also well worth a visit.

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The nightlife scene on Cayo Coco is focused around the many fabulous resorts, with many visitors preferring to take advantage of the stylish bars and nightly live events in their respective hotels. One outstanding example is the Sol Cayo Coco, which features the largest, liveliest, and most atmospheric nightclubs of all the hotels in the area; attracting many tourists when it opens up every Tuesday and Thursday night.

La Cueva Del Jalbali is a natural cave which has been transformed into a dance bar and also features a lively atmosphere; attracting many visitors during its opening hours. 25 Cuban pesos are enough to buy you convenient transportation to and from your hotel, as well as all inclusive drinks all night. However, remember to bring insect repellent as mosquitoes seem to enjoy this cave as much as anyone.

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Cayo Coco can be the romantic island getaway you and your significant other truly deserve to explore together. Idyllic long stretches of white sand beaches lined with palm trees, as the soothing rhythm of the ocean waves laps in the background. Couples come here to unwind and make use of the spectacular all inclusive deals many hotels offer; and experience what it's like to be treated as royalty.

Pick up some takeaway food as well as a delicious bottle of wine, and enjoy a quaint picnic on a serene beach, followed by a romantic moonlight stroll along the coast.

For the ultimate relaxing experience; enjoy a day at the Acuavida Spa Talaso. This incredible spa facility offers all kinds of massage and beauty packages, as well as jacuzzis and indoor and outdoor swimming pools with ocean views.

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Cayo Coco's culture is an extension of the culture encountered on the Cuban mainland, albeit more modernized due to prolonged contact with the rest of the world through decades of established tourism. This has created a culture which naturally reflects the music and food encountered on mainland Cuba, blended with influences from the U.S as well as Europe to create an ideal holiday getaway.

Cuba is famous for its immense cultural diversity, made up of Spanish, French, African and Asian elements. This is expressed in its literature, art, dance and even theatre performances. You will encounter Cuban music everywhere you go; its enchanting rhythms make it impossible not to dance! Therefore, you may not be surprised to learn that both the Mambo and the Cha Cha Cha have their origins in Cuba.

Years of politically imposed sanctions have fostered a culture of self reliance, making Cuba one of the most self sustaining countries in the world. Revolutionary methods of local food production, as well as remarkable techniques to fix old machines have been developed here, making Cuba a country like no other.

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