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Bodrum, in the south-western region of Turkey, is undoubtedly one of the liveliest parts of country to visit for a holiday. loveholidays offer cheap flights to Bodrum, and flight time takes around four hours.

Why choose Bodrum?

Bodrum is a destination that is unlike no other. It is filled with contrasts, from a colourful nightlife to windswept beaches and tranquility. Originally a small fishing village, Bodrum is one of those places that means something different to everyone depending on the type of holiday you are hoping for. From May to October, the hot weather sees many head to the beautiful beaches of Bodrum to either participate in a variety of watersports or just to relax. Between its magnificent castle, picturesque marina and its variety of fun markets to visit, Bodrum has something to whet everyone’s appetite. With plenty of cheap flights available, Bodrum makes a great holiday destination.

Our Top Tip for Bodrum

Gulluk Bay is about half an hour drive from Bodrum. Rabbit Island, which separates the two beaches of the bay, is home to the partially submerged ancient city of Myndos. You can reach it by an ancient pathway or walk through the knee deep water.

Bodrum highlights


The famous Bodrum Castle is certainly an unmissable part of the city. Overlooking the marina, it has stood ever since the 15th century when it was built by the Knights of St. John. The castle’s main court is a definite must-see as it contains a large collection of amphorae which range from the 14th century BC right up to the modern day.

Get to the beach

Gumbet beach in particular is one of the best for those who are looking to have a fun, relaxing day as many of the bars and restaurants that line the beach put out sunbeds and umbrellas for the public to use for free - so long as they continue to order from the bar all day!

Join a festival

If you’re given the chance, make sure you join in with some of the local festivals. These aren't confined to the summer months, making Bodrum a great year-round destination. Highlights include the International Bodrum Carnival, usually held in September, which reflects the multicultural nature of the area. In October, Bodrum also hosts the Bodrum Cup Wooden Yacht Regatta, which sees traditional wooden boats from all over the world race in the harbour. 29 October is Turkey's national holiday, Republic Day, which is marked by street parties and celebrations.

Surrounding areas

Should you decide that you want to explore a little bit more of Turkey, there are many day trips which you can partake in and, if you get the chance, you must try one of the daily boat trips to the Greek island of Kos. After all, the island is less than an hour away! The ancient site of Ephesus is also easily reached from Bodrum and with its historical and archeological offerings, is an absolute must should the opportunity to visit arise. Make sure to visit the Temple of Artemis, which is also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.