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Flights to Corfu

Flights to Corfu allow you to make the most of the island’s fantastic climate, and resorts such as Kavos, Kassiopi and Sidari offer a phenomenal blend of sun-drenched beaches, crystal clear seas and busy bars and nightclubs. Party all night and sleep on the beach all day, or enjoy some of the many watersports on offer for a more active trip. Flights to Corfu have an average flight time of 3 hours 20 minutes.

Why fly to Corfu?

More than just a party island, Corfu also has a rich history and heritage, and there are many festivals throughout the year which visitors are invited to join. Many Greeks are very religious, and Saints’ Feast Days, in particular, are causes for celebration. There are also plenty of non-religious festivals, predominately based on the nation’s other major love – food. These include the Pie Festival in Loustri on 1 September and the Sardine Festival in Benitses in mid-August. Another major highlight is the festival held on 6 August in the mountain village of Agios Mattheos, a celebration that involves the entire village and lasts all night. Given the picturesque beach nearby, it makes a great destination for a couple of days, letting you soak up the sun and the atmosphere. The beautiful island of Corfu blends natural beauty with friendly people, ancient culture and modern amenities. With frequent cheap flights to Corfu, you can't go wrong. 

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This picturesque village in northwestern Corfu may be small, but it offers so much when it comes to activities and outings. There is a lot of history here as it is said to be the mythical island of the Phaeacians, looking back into Greek mythology. But, aside from that, there are a number of beaches to visit too. Should snorkling be something you're interested in, you could definitely give it a go on this great Greek island. 


Sidari is a popular location in Corfu, located in the north of the island. Another great spot, if beaches are what you're looking for, Sidari is great for crystal clear waters and rocky caves. Canal d'Amour is a very popular beach among tourists, due to its remarkable rock formations.   


Full of restaurants, bars and clubs, Sidari is knows for its lively nightlife. So if you wish to have a relaxing evening, or a manic night out, you have a selection of venues to visit in Corfu. With a particularly cheap price tag, you can make the most out of the nightlife when in Corfu.   

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