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Why choose Bourgas?


There is plenty of places to shop your heart out in Bourgas. Bulgaria sells many of the same labels as the rest of Europe at slightly cheaper prices so you may find a bargain or two while you're there. The biggest malls are in Bourgas itself - the Troika mall has floors of shops, restaurants and a beauty salon, while the biggest shopping centre is the Galleria Bourgas. The resorts also offer a fair amount of choice, with Sunny Beach being the location of the Royal Beach Mall, a large modern shopping centre with many shops and restaurants to choose from.


Bulgaria has some interesting local specialities that are worth a try including shopska salad, which is made from chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers and sprinkled with 'Sirene' (Bulgarian white cheese). kyopoolu is typical of the region: a starter made from aubergines, peppers and plenty of garlic, while kavarma is a local meat and vegetable stew. Rakia is a strong local spirit, usually made from grapes, and there is a wide variety of red and white Bulgarian wines to sample. Fish lovers should head to Old Nessebar, where the restaurants overlooking the sea serve up the local catch. Last but not least, there are excellent local menus and wine selections in restaurants around Golden Sands and in Varna.


The main resorts of Golden Sands and Sunny Beach both offer numerous bars, discos and nightclubs as well as restaurants with floor shows. Sunny Beach has two good casinos, although the largest and busiest one can be found in St Konstantin.

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