Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get going on holidays as stress free and enjoyable as possible, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions our customers want answer to.

What do I do if I receive notification of a flight schedule change from my airline?

We act as an agent in relation to the flight(s) you have booked. Most airlines are ‘self-managed’ and communicate directly with the lead passenger, and not with loveholidays.

Occasionally airlines update and change their schedules and routes. They will communicate this change directly with the lead passenger on the booking.

If you receive an email from your airline notifying you of:

  • a “minor” flight schedule change
    • then as per the ticket rules, you must follow the airline’s acceptance process and then tell us about the change you have agreed to by visiting Manage My Booking and updating your flight times and/or departure airport.
    • Once received we will update these details with your other Service Providers e.g. Hotel and Transfers and re-send the travel documents to the lead passenger reflecting the changes to your flights

  • a “significant” flight schedule change or cancellation
    • log on to Manage My Booking and let us know what the change is, we will then:
      • Review the impact of these changes on your booking
      • Provide you with some options to reduce the impact of the changes on your booking

A “minor” change is generally anything less than 12 hours or a change of regional airport. For example, if your flight departure time changes from 10am to 3pm, or from Stanstead to Luton.

A “significant” change is generally anything over 12 hours, or a cancellation with the alternative flight departure more than 12 hours, or a change of non-regional airport (from Gatwick to Leeds-Bradford for example).

We recommend that you re-confirm your flight times with your airline 24-48 hours before departure.