Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get going on holidays as stress free and enjoyable as possible, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions our customers want answer to.

I’ve had an email to say that my hotel is no longer available, why is this?

On occasion a hotel may no longer be able to honour a booking due to a number of reasons ranging from overbooking their hotel, to deciding to close early or open late.

We fully appreciate that these situations are not ideal, however we shall offer, at no extra cost to you, a like for like alternative hotel for you. The alternative will be of equivalent or higher quality than those specified in your booking. In the event that we cannot offer an alternative of like for like standard, you will be offered compensation for this.

For full details of your rights, and what loveholidays can do in these situations, please see Section 12 of our Terms & Conditions, under ‘Our responsibility for your booking’.