“Lent” To Be….

  • What are you giving up for Lent?

    Whether you’re religious or not, going without something for 6 weeks could help you break a bad habit for life,  leaving you healthier, wealthier, and rewarded.

    To help you identify which vice to vanquish, and provide some incentive, we’ve put together a list of the most common lent sacrifices – which of these is for you?

    The Smoker:

    According to the 2016 hscic report, the average UK citizen smokes around 11 cigarettes a day. OK so it’s an average, but not a bad place to start when totting up the damage.

    The NHS smoking calculator predicts that for someone smoking 10 cigarettes a day, stopping for one month would save an average of £91. Stretch that out to the 6 weeks of Lent and you’ve racked up an impressive £136 saving.

    All well and good, but where’s that going to get you? Well how about all the way the Majestic Hotel in the beautiful Dalaman region of Turkey – and with change to spare? Let’s get you smoking Shisha instead of cigarettes as you soak up the sun. Holidays are about to become your new addiction.

    The Caffeine Craver:

    It’s a classic routine. You get up early, suffer through that rush-hour commute, power through those initial emails, and by 10am it’s coffee break time! But just a medium size latte at your favourite coffee chain in going to set you back around £2.60 a pop.

    Assuming you take that habit into your weekend recreation – coffee with the girls on a Saturday afternoon? – and that coffee buzz will end up costing you dear.

    Quit the caffeine for lent and you could end up with around £108 extra cash to flash, which is enough to give you a week in the Portuguese paradise of the Colina dos Mouros resort, Algarve.

    Screw the coffee, the thought of a waking up to this view is more than enough to give you that morning pep!

    The Sweet Tooth:

    If your mid-afternoon snack or late night treat consists of something sweet, consider this: the average single serving chocolate bar costs around 60p, you only need one of those a day to have spent nearly £5 a week (and lets face it, how many of us only have the one?!).

    Add to that those other little treats, a midday muffin, tea time biscuits, the occasional desert, and it’s not too long before your weekly sweet tooth is costing you in excess of £15!

    Our advice? Cut out the candy for 6 weeks and suck on the sweet saving of £90 instead! What will that get you? Only a week of sun, sea and 4 Star Luxury at The Suites At San Roque Club – jewel of the Costa Del Sol.

    Consider the 1000’s of cut calories too and there’s no excuse not to show of that – somewhat slimmer – beach body by the pool. Now THAT is how you treat yourself!

    The Meat Lover:

    Possibly the most traditional Lent sacrifice AND meat and fish make up more than ¼ of the average UK households £58 weekly grocery spend. That’s right, cutting out meat for lent could save you over £87, more than enough to get you to…. a Greek Island!

    The Govino Bay Corfu to be precise, for a beach-side break you can really sink your teeth into. Reward yourself for your lent-al cuisine with an authentic gyros in Corfu’s historic Old Town, or keep it vege a little longer and dig into Greek delicacies like fried halloumi skewers – so delicious you won’t even miss the meat.

    Picture yourself basking in sunshine by the on-site pool, sipping wine at the restaurant, or strolling through unique Greek architecture. Some things are definitely worth going hungry for.

    Whether or not you choose to give up something for lent, and however much your bank-account thanks you, early spring is the perfect time to book your summer sunshine before all the best places fill up. With stunning destinations at great prices and ATOL protected, we want to help you to treat yourself in 2017.


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