The Latest #TTOT Roundup: Supernatural Travel

The Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT) theme this week is all about the supernatural. From haunted hotels to paranormal places, the chat this week left us feeling frightened!

Q1 via @whatsitlikeapp What supernatural experiences have you sought intentionally while traveling? #TTOT

Whether it’s haunted castles or ghost tours, people seem to have a morbid fascination with seeking out the supernatural on holiday.

Q2 via @Boz23 What’s the spookiest place you’ve ever visited? #TTOT

From abandoned theme parks in Berlin to Edinburgh’s underground vaults, there are plenty of places around the world to make your skin crawl.

Q3 via @houseluigi  What are some interesting supernatural/spiritual customs you’ve learned about while traveling? #TTOT

Strange and unusual superstitions can emerge all over the world. From sky burials to hachets under the pillow, these are certainly some of the weirdest spiritual customs.

Q4 via @simonearmer  What are the most underrated and overrated paranormal destinations? #TTOT

Unfortunately even some of the places that should scare our socks off can be a little disappointing. Travel bloggers share their thoughts on some of the overdone and underdone destinations.


Q5 via @KnowmadTravel – Have you ever had a haunted hotel room? #TTOT

Things can often freak you out when sleeping in an unfamiliar place, but which travel-lovers have actually experienced a stay at a place reported to be haunted?

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