The Latest #TTOT Roundup: Strange or Exotic Food

  • In the latest Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT) the theme this week was all about strange or exotic food. With industry experts and top travel bloggers sharing their culinary adventures, you can bet that this week’s chat will be full of fascinating, and enlightening tips!

    Q1 via @chrisjashton: What’s the strangest dish you’ve ever eaten & why did you try it?  #TTOT

    From the Peruvian delicacy of deep fried guinea pig (Cuy) to the nibbling on insects, there are plenty of strange and exotic local foods to taste…if you’re brave enough!

    Q2 via @UKenterprise: What food did you immediately regret eating? #TTOT

    You know that moment when you bite into a dish, and immediately regret it? From getting stuffed on stroopwaffels in Amsterdam to  snacking on chocolate scorpions, bloggers share their eating instant regrets.

    Q3 via @amandakendle: What’s the most unusual pizza topping you’ve tried & where? #TTOT

    Everyone’s a fan of the classic cheesy dish from Italy, but when toppings vary from chocolate to vodka, some can be an acquired taste.

    Q4 via @podvolunteer: What’s the funniest example of not getting what you expected when ordering in a restaurant? #TTOT

    Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get when you eat abroad, and the result can be anything from an unexpected surprise to the downright bizarre!

    Q5 via @vagabondscribe: Which dishes do you recreate at home as nostalgic reminders of your travels? #TTOT

    From classic backpacker snacks to homemade pasta, bloggers reveal the nostalgic dishes they recreate at home.

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