Top 6 All Inclusive Holidays for Couples

  • Whether you’re after a honeymoon or just some time away to relax with your loved one, an all-inclusive holiday is the perfect choice for a couples’ stress-free holiday with your other half. With so many all-inclusive holiday resorts aimed at families though it can be hard to find one offering guaranteed peace and quiet as well as a great range of all-inclusive options. But don’t fret, we’ve come up with these six great destinations for all-inclusive holidays for couples.

    1. Barbados

    Barbados Couple

    With visitors such as Mr and Mrs Wahlberg and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, it’s clear you can’t go wrong with a couple’s holiday to Barbados. Isolation, beautiful beaches and a sense of being amongst the ‘elite’ make a trip to Barbados a must on anyone’s holiday bucket list. Plenty of resorts such as Sandals offer all-inclusive rates, with many hotels also providing activities in the price too. Well, you want to explore those turquoise waters as much as lay in front of them don’t you?

    2. Mexico


    Speaking of activities, it doesn’t get much better than Mexico. Some of our favourite all-inclusive resorts such as the coastal haven of Cancun offer great food and drinks as well as fun things to do from water sports to zip-lining – perfect for the more active couples amongst you! If you’d like to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing between all the hours lazing by the pool and sea, you can even venture out to nearby Mayan sites such as Chichen Itza.

    3. Egypt

    Couple in Egypt

    Egypt is pretty much the home of all-inclusive and a great budget option too. Sharm El Sheikh is where you will find a great selection of luxury hotels, most of which have an impressive choice of restaurants and numerous pools where you can spend your time making the most of the all-inclusive food and drinks.

    4. Thailand

    Thailand Couple Beach

    The majority of resorts which pepper the coastlines of many Thai islands boast impressive beachfront locations, and tending to be secluded from other hotels they are ideal for seeking out a quiet spot on the shore with your partner. Many hotels in Thailand also have lovely spas which make for a romantic addition to any couples getaway and are the perfect way to finish off the day after a beautiful boat cruise.

    5. Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic Couple Beach

    Another exotic paradise that seems to have just jumped off the front cover of a travel brochure, the Dominican Republic has all the ingredients for a romantic getaway. Choose to slow down the pace and enjoy sleepy afternoons on untainted beaches in Samana or head to Punta Cana for a livelier setting with the option of some nights out with your loved one. Either way, you’re guaranteed some stunning tropical settings and plenty of choice for all-inclusive holidays. If you’d like that castaway experience, there are also two small, unspoiled islands situated just off the coast.

    6. Cyprus

    Couple Harbour Cyprus

    Often overlooked, Cyprus still tends to hold on to a peaceful setting that other nearby countries have unfortunately given up. There aren’t loads of adult-only all-inclusive hotels so it’s worth booking a bit in advance but the ones there are are perfect for a romantic holiday. You can even go to see Aphrodite rock – the mythological birth place of the Greek goddess of love herself!

    Any one of these destinations is a great pick for couples looking for a relaxed all-inclusive holiday in the sun. Have you been to one of these destinations with your partner before? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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