Top 7 in 2017: affordable destinations

Travelling is all fun and games until you get the bill and it’s so much more than what you bargained (or not) for. Thankfully there are a lot of sunny destinations that offer you a great value for money getaway. Less than a pound for a pint of beer? Less than a fiver for a local delicacy? Forget the London prices and hit that beach…


Sunny days defined by the sparkling waters of the Black Sea (not as black as it sounds) and some of the softest sands in Europe make Bulgaria ideal for a beach getaway. One of the most affordable destinations in Europe, a week of all inclusive relaxation in the midst of summer in popular Sunny Beach starts from around £250 per person (+ flights). With a great clubbing scene and fine sand beaches shaking under the beats of house from the many beach bars, Sunny Beach is your No 1 hot spot in 2017.

How much more affordable does it get? A pint of beer here can cost you £1,70 on average (but you can get a beer from the shops for less than a pound!), while a delicious meal for two can be even less than £30 (and that includes the drinks). Nearby Nessebar is the place to get your cultural fix, a UNESCO world heritage site that offers gorgeous ancient ruins and some of the most delicious seafood you’ll ever try.


Head just south of Bulgaria and you’ll find yourself in sunny Greece. A week of all inclusive here starts from £300 per person (+ flights) in July and you get to be at pretty places like Halkidiki! While a meal in a mid-range restaurant would cost you around £30 per person, you can get your cold pint of beer for an average of £2,80.

Mainland Greece is a tad cheaper than its islands which makes it ideal for travellers looking for a great value for money. Thessaloniki boasts a vibrant heritage and long sunshine hours making sightseeing here incredibly easy, while Peloponnese offers the perfect fusion of striking mountains and stunning coastlines.


Head to Portugal’s capital for a city break that won’t break the bank. Lisbon is gorgeous, vibrant and full of surprises. Embrace the laid-back lifestyle with a Portuguese getaway to remember – a stay for two in Lisbon starts from £220 per person in July (+ flights). A pint of beer is around £1,70, while a three-course meal will set you back an average of £30 per person. Plus, you can get a cup of some damn fine coffee for as little as 60 eurocents…

Keep moving towards the coast and the prices will increase by the time you hit the Algarve. However, Portugal is still a pretty good option for the savvy traveller as exploring the country is easily done by car or bike. Why we love Portugal so much? Because of its delicious cuisine, sublime climate and picturesque scenery. No matter if you prefer to get lost in Lisbon’s tiny colourful streets or to see the stunning coastline, this might just be your 2017 match.


Another very affordable destination for the 2017 traveller, Morocco has sun aplenty. Colourful and spicy, this is a getaway that is not even that far away – you can hop on a plane and be there in a bit over 3 hours! More specifically, a seven night all inclusive stay starts from £282 (+ flights) in a 4-star resort in Marrakech in June.

Once here? Explore cosmopolitan Marrakech and everything it has to offer the shopaholics, the foodies and the adventurers. Move from the vibrant souks to the lively restaurants, and finally trek across the desert on the back of a camel. Meals can come as cheap or as expensive as you want them to – from the high end restaurants to the delicious market food you’ll find around, you’ll be sorted.

Dominican Republic

The Caribbean can be quite expensive but when it comes to finding an affordable, yet still stunning holiday spot, the Dominican Republic is the clear winner here. As exotic as it’s gorgeous, the Dominican boasts white sand beaches, year-round amazing weather and crystal-clear waters. A week of all inclusive here starts from £740 per person (+ flights) in July, the high of the season. However, you’d better head there some time after October after the end of hurricane season when temperatures are still in the 30°C region! Basically, even a long haul journey can be made affordable…

Once there, the Dominican will charm you with its local food and drink – cool down with a delicious Morir Sonando (traditional cold drink of the island) as you enjoy the splendid sunshine!


…or go back to the Balkans where affordable has a whole new meaning. Croatia is another gorgeous place on this lively peninsula that offers great value for money holidays. In fact, an all inclusive week on the Riviera starts from £420 per person (+ flights) in the midst of summer.

To save even more, head to the capital, Zagreb, where you can enjoy a meal in a fine dining restaurant without breaking the bank. A truly romantic holiday spot, Zagreb can provide you with your cultural fix and satisfy your gastronomic needs. A pint of lager is on average less than £2 while prices will naturally increase on the busier coastal areas.


Finally, an old favourite, Spain has been a top choice for Brits after a summer holiday abroad for years and for a reason. A lot cheaper than the nearby French Riviera, yet being as gorgeous and all the hotter.  A seven day, all inclusive stay on the sunny Costa Brava starts from around £300 per person (+ flights) in July, but the feeling to be touching down on those gorgeous shores? Priceless.

Food is available in pretty much every price range, you can grab a bite from as little as £5 – and you can count on Spanish food to always be filling and delicious. Order a gorgeous bottle of local wine from as little as £10 (get one in a shop for less than a fiver and you’ll be surprised of how good it is!) or a cold pint of beer for less than £3, depending on the resort you are in this could vary significantly. However, one thing is for sure: cuisine here is delicious and local drinks are, too!

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