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    Where to see Europe’s most gorgeous sunsets

    Where to see Europe’s most gorgeous sunsets

    Europe is full of fantastic sites, glorious beaches and who knew… gorgeous sunsets. If you’re a fan of sitting down and admiring the stunning surrounding views when the sun goes down, you might want to check out these European holiday destinations. Lay back, relax and soak up these stunning sunsets.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The winding canals of Amsterdam are the best place to witness these beautiful sunsets. When roaming around the capital, it’s nice to stop and stare as the sun goes down for a while.

    Amsterdam sunset

    Photo credit: Urban Capture

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Iceland is well known for its northern lights phenomenon, its not wonder the sunsets are multi-coloured too! After a fun day discovering the capital of Reykjavik, you can watch the sun set over this majestic city.

    Reykjavik sunset

    Photo credit: Reykjavik.com

    Santorini, Greek Islands

    Being in the Greek Islands is good enough, but the sunsets here are truly amazing. With yellow and pink hues against the backdrop of cliffs and whitewashed buildings, you’ll want to put this image on a postcard!

    Santorini sunset

    Photo credit: Travel Zone Greece

    Venice, Italy

    The city built on water also has stunning sunsets, is there anything else you could possibly ask for? What better way to enjoy the sunsets here, than on a gondola? It’s a sight to see, with dimly lit buildings as you admire the view.

    Venice sunset

    Photo credit: travelandinspiration.com

    Paris, France

    The chic capital city of Paris offers some of the most sultry sunsets you’ll ever see. They’re better if you’re able to get a good view of the entire city as the sun goes down. The top of the Arc de Triomphe can be a great spot to witness the colourful sky.

    Paris sunset

    Photo credit: New York Habitat

    Rovinj, Croatia

    Rovinj is a fishing port in Croatia, with cobblestoned streets and houses tightly knit together. It’s also along the coast, so being on the beach during the evening is perhaps the best view you can get of the fiery sunsets of Rovinj.

    Croatia sunset

    Photo credit: Jetsetting Fools


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