Holiday like a film star: how to make your holiday luxurious

  • The Oscars get us looking towards Hollywood and while we love the movies, we all follow something else too: the fashion, the lavishness, the glamour, the luxury. Wouldn’t it be great to have a drop of that? Holidaying like a film star might just be that little shot of sparkle you needed! From luxury destinations to little bits of luxurious things you can indulge in during your travels, read on to find out how you can bring your holiday experience up a notch…

    Visit the Caribbean

    Start off with the place. The Caribbean might be the one to tick off all your luxury needs. From the Dominican Republic to Cuba, think white powdery sands and sparking waters. Glorious beaches and endless sunshine define each of the countries here, making them a total must when it comes to sunny getaways.

    The amount of cold sugary mojitos you can have here is only measurable to the hours of sunshine that you’ll enjoy. With a colourful culture to match the colourful scenery, the Caribbean is unsurprisingly one of the most unmissable destinations in the world. Easily: the luxurious getaway you deserve. After all, if you’re going to splurge on your next holiday, why not do it in a lavishing Caribbean style?

    Indulge in a massage

    Once you’ve chose the destination, it’s time to visit its beaches and fully unwind. Lazily lounging around is no longer enough – to truly relax over here, a massage in a beach gazebo is a total must. Imagine the calming sound of the waves (coming directly from the ocean as opposite to an old playlist put on repeat), the refreshing smell of the salty waters in the air and the gentle touch of the breeze all around you…Luxury at its purest.

    …and add some chocolate to it

    Indulging in a chocolate massage is your basic right when on holiday. A simple traditional massage is no longer enough – you want to holiday like an Oscar winner? Then do it properly – hot stones, hot chocolate – what’s the difference? Well one of them will definitely open up your appetite too…

    If not, go a step further when you order your favourite gelato: ask for that chocolate topping, add all the extras. You’re already on your holiday – this is not the time to be on a diet.

    Fine dining for winners

    …Speaking of which, once you have teased your appetite, it’s time to truly satisfy your finest gastronomic needs. Go to Greece and have fresh seafood softly bathing in olive oil. Enjoy a colourful spicy dish in Punta Cana or a milk chocolate gelato in Italy.

    Follow up on that hot Moroccan tagine with a refreshing cup of mint tea and a bit of shisha down in Marrakech. Finally, you can’t splurge on a Michelin star meal? Splurge on the experience instead. Wherever you are – a glorious sea view with the sunset gently touching on the turquoise waters will elevate your whole dining experience to a whole new level of luxury.

    Have a sip of the local nightlife

    A sip or two really.  How do you do it the luxury way? Hit the best party spots in Cancun or sample the legendary night scene in Ibiza. Near or far: there will always be a club scene to suit your taste. Start with a cocktail at a stylish bar or better yet with a cold Pina Colada in a sandy beach bar shaking under the beats of samba.

    Boutique hotels

    Ready for all that and only need to pick where to stay? Depends where you want to go really. Jasmine Palace Resort in Hurghada entices with its marvellous traditional architecture and top-class interior – come here and feel as if you are in a fairytale.

    But to holiday like a movie star, surely you are after the boutique experience? The beautiful Castanheiro Boutique Hotel in Madeira is based in five historically classified buildings and boasts panoramic views of the Bay of Funchal. Best enjoyed? From the rooftop sun terrace.

    The glorious views over Funchal

    Then there is the 5-star Bohemia Suites and Spa in Gran Canaria offering you an adults-only retreat including a soothing thai Siam Spa with a huge relaxation area. While Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort …well, everything is in the name really. Just go there and you’ll absolutely love it!

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