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    Best beaches for surfing

    Best beaches for surfing

    Who doesn’t love a beach holiday? Lazing about in the hot sun, lounging on golden sands and taking a swim in calming waters. Sounds like a dream, right? But, for all of you adrenaline junkies out there (who aren’t looking for calm waters), surfing is a fun beach activity. Finding suitable surf-friendly beaches doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive for that matter, just check out our top cheap holidays!), as we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best beaches for surfing.

    Huntington Beach, California (USA)

    Surfin’ USA anyone? When looking for a surf destination in the US, California is definitely one to visit. Huntington Beach is a classic, well-known surfing location.

    Huntington Beach

    San Clemente, California (USA)

    We did say California is a surfing hotspot. San Clemente is another great beach, known for its surfer waves and surf coverage.

    San Clemente

    Taghazout (Morocco)

    This little fishing village located in the southwest of Morocco is a lesser known feature of the North African country. However, it’s a wonderful location for surfing. Between the months of September – April, the waves here are better suited to advanced surfers.


    Arugam Bay (Sri Lanka)

    From one village to another, Arugam Bay is a laid-back village situated on the eastern coast of the island. Between May – November, you will find stable waves. After surfing, you can enjoy one of the many restaurants lined around the bay.

    Arugam Bay

    Photo credit: Perfect Wave Travel

    Puerto Escondido (Mexico)

    Known for its huge waves, many surfers flock to Puerto Escondido, hoping to catch big waves. May and June are when you’re most likely to witness the biggest swells.

    Puerto Escondido

    Photo credit: Vivo Resorts

    Lagos (Portugal)

    Finally, Lagos in the Algarve is another popular surfing hotspot. There are many options here for beginners or experts alike. For beginners, Meia Praia is recommended, whilst Zavial is a great destination for more experienced surfers.

    Lagos, Portugal

    Photo credit: adrenaline-hunter.com

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