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    Travel Blogging Icons: David of That Gay Backpacker

    Travel Blogging Icons: David of That Gay Backpacker

    The unintentionally hilarious but totally savvy David pens his travel experiences on his popular blog, That Gay Backpacker – bet you can’t guess what he writes about…

    The blog is bursting with his views on popular travel hotspots, beaches and cities dotted around Asia and, more recently, Mexico.

    This blog shies away from writing those generic ‘this is so awesome’ posts; David is very direct and honest. That’s why we love him at loveholidays!

    His travel memoirs vary from admiring the Hospicio Cabanas in Guadalajara to his date at a gay sauna in Kuala Lumpur.It’s been great to chat to the fabulous Gay Backpacker about his experiences, so let’s find out a little more…

    backpacking in Kerala

    Let’s get the generic question out of the way – what has been your best destination and why?

    My favourite destination has been Kerala in India. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, with some really diverse landscapes (beaches, backwaters, port cities, and mountains); the people are the kindest I have ever met. Plus the food is the best in the world. As a Brit, I love a good curry, so I was really happy to chow down on Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for a month without getting remotely bored of it.

    I found your post on Angkor Wat really interesting, as you went against other bloggers’ views on this popular hotspot. Please reiterate just how tedious Angkor Wat is?

    It’s not that Angkor Wat is especially tedious; I just see tedium in everything. So, when one person goes to Angkor Wat and notices these massive ancient structures and ruins, I find that I am constantly distracted by signs telling me where I can and cannot walk; by the feeling in my bladder when I need to use the toilet, by the overpriced coffees being sold while people are watching the sunrise over the temples. It’s these little nuisances that make up life, and I just don’t buy into any kind of travel experience being able to take you away from them.

    backpacking at Angkor Wat

    On a scale of 1-10, how overrated was the Angkor Wat and why?

    It’s not overrated at all, so I would give it a 1 out of 10 for overrated-ness. It’s an exceptional place and somewhere that everybody should visit if they find themselves in Cambodia. My point in the post about Angkor Wat was not to say that it’s overrated at all, but to point out that these sights don’t do all of those travel clichés like ”transport you into another world.” The everyday-ness of life is so apparent to me – it doesn’t matter if I’m in an office cubicle, on a white sandy beach, or at Angkor Wat.

    Do you find that you automatically go to places with a negative mind-set and hope to be won over?

    I’m one of life’s pessimists, that’s for sure. I usually expect very little and I don’t necessarily hope to be won over. Of course, it’s always a nice surprise when a place exceeds your expectations. For example, I’m not much of a beach-goer yet, but I headed to the island of Koh Rong in Cambodia because I heard such great things about it. The beach there turned out to be the most beautiful I’d ever visited! Even a city boy like me was taken aback by this stunning tropical island, though I was eaten alive by sand flies!

    Now, onto something which could be very useful to our readers – you’ve mentioned in a post that you struggle with Eczema. What advice would give for other travellers who suffer with this?

    I guess you should probably talk to your doctor before heading on a trip, although I actually didn’t do that – oops. And I think aloe vera is something useful to carry because, even if it doesn’t make eczema disappear, it can cool down your skin when it’s feeling red, hot and blotchy.

    Cambodian beach

    Ok, let’s get to the juicy bits – have you met any lovers during your travels or are you still riding solo?

    Lovers?  Ha. I’ve been on dates, but no boyfriends or anything like that. And honestly, it’s going to gay bars and clubs that I enjoy in different countries more than anything else. I’m a pretty solitary kind of person and can go months at a time without speaking to other people.

    Any more gay saunas for you?

    I guess I’ll head to some in Mexico (which is where I am now). They are fun and cheap places to relax, and my readers also seem to like reading about them.

    Lastly, how do you fund these amazing experiences?  

    I mostly work as a copywriter. I quite simply write copy for businesses that need it. It’s a decent way to fund my travels because I don’t have to work too many hours and it’s a job that I can do from anywhere in the world!

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