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    Travel Blogging Icons: Savi and Vid of Bruised Passports

    Travel Blogging Icons: Savi and Vid of Bruised Passports

    Dynamic blogging duo (and married couple) Savi and Vid are the brains behind Bruised Passports, one of my favourite travel blogs. Savi writes the posts and adds a fashion angle to things, whilst Vid takes the stunning photos, with no reliance on Photoshop.

    Between them they’ve visited nearly 40 countries, from Nepal and Malaysia to Croatia and Jordan, managing to remain stylish and sophisticated wherever they travel.

    I love finding out where Bruised Passports will be visiting next, especially as they always manage to find quirky things to do in each destination.

    Check out their blog and you’ll soon be a fan too!

    You work as a team, with Savi writing and Vid snapping. Have there ever been any conflicts about what to cover on the blog, or has it all been plain sailing?

    We have a number of shared interests and are drawn to offbeat, weird, and wonderful things. Due to this, it’s usually plain sailing. But Savi has studied literature and tends to get too carried away with words sometimes. I have to step in to curb those flights of fancy or we would have Bedouins in the Sahara spouting Shakespearean prose in our blog posts!

    Equally, there are times when Savi has to stage an intervention to prevent me from clicking and uploading a dozen photos of the same sunset or beach from different angles. Then again, it wouldn’t be half as much fun if it were plain sailing all the way through.

    Blogging couple Savi and Vid in Berlin

    Posts like ‘Offbeat Dubai’ struck a chord with me, as I’m always looking to see the alternative side of a destination. How do you track down alternative things to see and do – any research tips?

    The prospect of finding hidden alleys, sleepy bars, secluded beaches, or ruins which cannot be found in any travel guide excites us to no end. Since we’re not full-time travellers, we do our research beforehand. A thorough online search is bound to provide some interesting leads.

    Once we’re there, we make it a point to talk to like-minded locals. That’s always the best way to track down alternative things to see and do. Vid makes it a point to strike up a conversation with the locals at restaurants, hotel staff and shop owners – we have explored many an offbeat hidden gem, thanks to the locals.

    Dubrovnik view by Vid

    I enjoyed your Croatian road trip series and I feel like you got so much out of being able to stop wherever you wanted and see hidden aspects of Croatia. What did you learn from being on the road that you wouldn’t have got from taking the conventional boat trip route around the Dubrovnik Riviera instead?

    The slightest mention of Croatia conjures up visions of gorgeous beaches around the Dubrovnik Riviera. While the beaches are indeed spectacular, there is so much more the country has to offer.

    The Lakes at Plitvice National Park in the North left us spellbound. The highlight of our trip was the unspoilt Croatian countryside. Our road trip took us through stretches of agricultural land and small villages, which would not be out of place in a fairy tale. We met some of the friendliest locals and saw a side of Croatia that we would have missed if we did not rent a car. Driving from the North to the South of Croatia makes one appreciate the diversity in landscapes and culture that this beautiful country has to offer.

    Ever since, we’ve convinced so many of our friends to include the northern part of the country in their itineraries.

    Your post on Dachau was one that really stuck with me and I think it’s one of your best posts. What was it like to handle a destination that wasn’t as fun and light-hearted as the others on your blog?

    Thank you. We thought long and hard before writing that post. You’re right – it is much darker than most of our posts. It goes without saying that visiting a Concentration Camp isn’t the most pleasant experience. Yet it is one that has the power to change a person – it is bound to make everyone determined to celebrate difference.

    We wanted to share that feeling of empowerment with our readers. After all isn’t that what travelling is about?

    Your lust list of travel goals is certainly eclectic – which one will you be ticking off first and when?

    We’ve just ticked one item off our Lust List. We went to Spain to attend the world’s largest food fight, La Tomatina, and have blogged about it in the form of a comprehensive guide.

    We’re looking forward to exploring Cambodia and Vietnam during January, 2014.

    Lanzarote fashion shoot with Savi

    Savi – like you, I love both fashion and travel. What are your top packing tips for travellers?

    I always advise travellers to carry items that can be styled in a number of ways. For instance I wore the same pair of trousers in Dubai and in Sicily, but styled them very differently. What’s more, read labels while shopping. Look out for non-iron or easy-iron options – it makes the process of getting ready so much easier.

    Savi – what is the one failsafe fashion item you always take with you?

    I’m a big fan of maxi dresses and I always carry a basic maxi dress with me while travelling. They’re perfect for conservative countries (allowing one to look stylish without flashing too much skin), days at the beach, and can easily be accessorized for the evening.

    Savi – which destinations have been the best for shopping and for picking up fashionable souvenirs?

    This might come as a surprise but I hardly ever shop while travelling. I’m always too busy absorbing the sights and sounds of new places. That said I did pick up some really colourful jewellery and scarves in Morocco and India.

    Typical Dubai souvenirs

    Vid – your photos are incredible and you don’t Photoshop any of your images, which is even more of an achievement. What tips would you give budding travel photographers who want to follow in your footsteps and ditch Photoshop?

    Thanks. I’m chuffed to hear that. Well, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with using Photoshop – some people can bring out their creativity using that tool, and that is an amazing talent. When using the camera, the key is to learn the basics instead of worrying about getting the ‘best’ DSLR. And, always capture the pictures as if you are trying to tell a story through them!  You can see some of my favourite travel photographs at the Bruised Passports Gallery.

    Vid – as a coffee lover, which destinations do you want to visit for their coffee culture?

    I’m dying to visit New Zealand. I’ve heard so much about the nuanced coffee culture there and some of my favourite European cafes are owned by Kiwis. But before that, I will be visiting the coffee farms in Indonesia in January and can’t wait to try the famous Civet coffee – it would be good to see what the cat brings to the table! That said, London has some pretty amazing cafes and I love discovering new third-wave cafes here on my weekends.

    For more information and insight from Savi and Vid, like Bruised Passports on Facebook.

    Do you want to explore the offbeat side of Dubai, check out La Tomatina or see more of Croatia, just like these guys? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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