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    Seven to Watch: Travel Vloggers

    Seven to Watch: Travel Vloggers

    Travel blogs are great and all but to really help experience another’s adventure and inspire your wanderlust, there’s nothing that beats watching travel vloggers. Although with YouTube being so vast and easy to get lost in, we thought we’d give you a list of seven travel vloggers to get you started.

    Alex Chacon

    With a video that’s more watchable than Breaking Bad, Alex Chacon is worth following for an original take on travelling. His Around the World in 360 degrees can be viewed above but he’s definitely worth subscribing too as well.


    The most popular travel vlogger we have on the list, JacksGap specialises in inspirational videos that will undoubtedly get you itching for your next break away. Making his way through picturesque countries such as the Philippines and cities such as Istanbul, he always manages to capture the best moments.

    Mr Ben Brown

    Ben Brown isn’t your typical British blonde bloke, he’s got a love for travel that sees him taking to roller coasters, climbing in Cape Town and riding a rickshaw in India. There isn’t a lot he doesn’t get up to but with over 300,000 subscribers, you can’t really go wrong.

    Sonia’s Travels

    With over 100,000 subscribers, it often surprises people to hear that Sonia throws the checklist out the window when it comes to things to do. She’s one for the nooks and crannies that make travelling unique, and with plenty of tips to bestow upon her viewers, she’s not one to be missed.

    Hey Nadine

    Get tips and advice, have a laugh and gain inspiration for your travelling adventures – Hey Nadine has a huge number of videos that showcase great destinations on all 5 continents. There really is no better way to explore the world digitally.

    Fun For Louis

    Fun for Louis encapsulates what travel vlogging is all about; having fun, getting braids and never forgetting to let his 1,000,000 subscribers know what he’s up to. Making particularly great use of a Go-Pro, watching Fun for Louis will ensure the scenery is seen in pretty much the best way every time.

    Devin Super Tramp

    Journey into what seems to be another world with Devin and his 4K camera. With some hilarious as well as inspirational videos, Devin Super Tramp finds the right mix of entertainment and travel, which is why he’s probably managed to accrue over 3,000,000 subscribers.

    From selfie lovers to splendid views captured with a 4K camera, we’ve hopefully provided you with a range of top travel vloggers to get your eyes stuck into. Know of any others who are worth subscribing to? Let us know by commenting below.

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