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    Seven to Watch: Thrifty Travel Bloggers

    Seven to Watch: Thrifty Travel Bloggers

    For those inspired to travel but feeling restricted by money, here are a bunch of blogger who didn’t let anything stop them from travelling the world, especially not money. If you’re looking for cheap city break tips or to find shortcuts on where to save some pennies, these are the bloggers who can help make your shoestring adventure a reality.

    Budget Traveller

    Funchal, 17-03-2015 Kash Battacharya Bloguer que Vive na Madeira Rui Silva / ASpress /

    Credit: Budget Traveller

    The aim of this blog is to inspire people to travel stylishly on a budget. Kash, the blogger behind the budget traveller website offers many useful tips on cheap eateries, great value hostels and free things to do in different destinations around the world.

    Backpacks and Bunkbeds

    neil backpacks

    Credit: Backpacks and Bunkbeds

    Neil from backpacks and bunkbed is a seriously budget-savvy traveller, who knows how to keep costs down on his travel adventures. He offers his readers an overview of the cost of a stay in different cities for example the cost of 2 nights in Copenhagen, with additional tips on how to keep the cost down.

    Globetrotter Girls


    Credit: Globetrotting Girls

    The girls at globetrotter girls (Dani and her partner Jessica) know how to travel on a shoestring budget. Only recently they went on a budget challenge to Tel Aviv where they managed to stay within a $77 / €69 budget per day. If you know where to bag the best deals on hostels and apartments, your trip can be as cheap as you like.

    The Savvy Backpacker

    james and susan

    Credit: The savvy backpacker

    The backpackers behind the savvy backpacker website, James and Susan love travelling around Europe, documenting their travel tips on their blog. With itinerary advice, cost overviews and guides to train travel, this blog is the one for you if you’re considering travelling around Europe.

    Thrifty Nomads

    jen and ted thrifty nomads

    Credit: The thrifty nomads

    The thrifty nomads, Jen and Ted have proved that travel doesn’t have to be expensive. After ditching their jobs, these two thrifty travellers sold everything for a life on the road. These two offer tips on how to become a house sitter and travel for free– what could be better than that?

    Nomadic Matt


    Credit: Nomadic Matt

    Nomadic Matt’s motto in travel is to travel better, cheaper and longer and his blog certainly inspires many others to realise their travel dreams and travel cheaper for longer! Some of Matt’s thriftiest posts include top tips on how to travel when you have no money and how to save money while you’re on the road.

    The Poor Traveler


    Credit: the poor traveler

    Yoshke is the man behind ‘The Poor Traveler’, another blogger who traded in 9 to 5 days for a life on the road. With tips on inexpensive ways to get around, this blog is a great place to get some travel tips.

    If it’s only a tight budget holding you back from a holiday or travelling around the world,  hopefully these blogs will help you on your way. After all, who said you needed a wallet full of cash to have a great trip?

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