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    When to visit the Greek Islands

    When to visit the Greek Islands

    The Greek Islands are an all-around favourite amongst tourists and we can’t blame them. A lovely Mediterranean climate, a hub for culture and wonderful sandy beaches. The Greek Islands have it all. The only thing you’re left wondering about is when you should visit these beautiful islands. Well, wonder no more. We’ve got all the top tips you need in order to know when it’s best for you to visit the Greek Islands.

    Greek Islands

    Average high and low temperatures:

    January: 13°C / 8°C
    February: 14°C / 8°C
    March: 15°C / 9°C
    April: 18°C / 12°C
    May: 23°C / 15°C
    June: 27°C / 19°C
    July: 26°C / 21°C
    August: 26°C / 22°C
    September: 25°C / 19°C
    October: 21°C / 16°C
    November: 18°C / 13°C
    December: 15°C / 10°C

    Best months to visit the Greek Islands

    Corfu: July – September
    Crete: June – September
    Kos: June – September
    Rhodes: June – September
    Santorini: April – June, September – early November
    Mykonos: June – September
    Zante: March – May, June – September

    Best time to visit the Greek Islands

    When it comes to deciding when the best time to visit the Greek Islands is, there are a lot of factors to consider. In addition, it depends what island you have decided to visit too. Generally, June to October is a fantastic time to explore any of the islands as during this time the weather is suitable for all activities that you may wish to do. However, this will be a busy time as it is high season, so there will be a huge rise in tourism during these months. Typically, if saving money is at the top of the agenda, the spring months as well as October and November are the best times to visit the islands as hotel prices and flight prices are cheaper than usual.

    Best time to visit for beaches

    The beaches in the Greek Islands are well-known and have a reputation for being some of the best in the Mediterranean, and Europe as a whole. The islands bask in hot weather between May and October, this makes it the best time to swim in the sea too, as the sea is usually warmer, especially during the late summer.
    Greek Islands sightseeing

    Best time to visit for sightseeing

    If sightseeing is the main aim for your Greek Islands holiday, the best time to visit would be from April through to May and October to November. During these times there are generally less tourists meaning there is less crowding around famous attractions. In addition, the weather is quite mild, which makes it the perfect climate for walking and exploring.

    Best time to visit to save money

    Looking for a Greek Islands holiday which is kind on your pocket? Travelling in the low season helps. From December to March, hotels and flights tend to be cheaper due to the lack of demand from tourists. Even during the shoulder season (just before and after high season) prices are generally lower to and from the Greek Islands. When it comes to transport in the Greek Islands, food and drinks, the prices stay the same throughout the year. So the main savings you can make is on hotels and flights!

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