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    When to visit the Balearics

    When to visit the Balearics

    The Balearic Islands are an archipelago off the eastern coast of Spain. However, there 4 main islands that tourists regularly visit. Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are all beautiful islands which offer so much to those who choose to holiday there. Beaches, sights and of course the climate are just some of the reasons as to why people pick to spend their holidays in the Balearics. If you’re interested in visiting the Balearic Islands next but wondering what’s in store for the weather during your time there, we cover the all-important question of when to visit the Balearics.

    Average high and low temperatures:

    • January: 15°C / 8°C
    • February: 16°C / 8°C
    • March: 17°C / 10°C
    • April: 19°C / 12°C
    • May: 23°C / 15°C
    • June: 27°C / 19°C
    • July: 29°C / 22°C
    • August: 30°C / 23°C
    • September: 27°C / 20°C
    • October: 24°C / 17°C
    • November: 19°C / 12°C
    • December: 17°C / 10°C

    Best months to visit the Balearic Islands

    • Majorca – June to September
    • Menorca – August
    • Ibiza – June – September
    • Formentera – August



    Best time to visit the Balearic Islands

    All of the Balearic Islands have a similar climate with minor differences in some respects such as temperature and rainfall. Generally, the best time to visit this set of islands is during the summer months thanks to hot weather, loads of sunshine and a lack of rainfall. The weather between June and September is the hottest of the year, with August topping the list. Therefore, the summer is a great time to enjoy the beaches in the Balearics. On the other hand, temperatures drop off during the rest of the year. Autumn and spring are great times for sightseeing due to the cooler temperatures. If you’re really looking to beat the crowds, head to the Balearics during the winter as its low season during this time, meaning you don’t have to queue for attractions and can miss the masses at the beach.

    Best time for a clubbing holiday in Ibiza

    Ibiza is a well-known party destination, so for many people, a clubbing holiday in the Balearics is the main goal. When heading to Ibiza for a clubbing holiday, first and foremost you must know that the summer season begins in May and continues all the way until October. May is the time when bars and clubs start opening up and most excitingly when the season’s opening parties begin. June, July and August remain busy on the island with parties in full swing. September is also a lively month in Ibiza, with closing parties beginning in mid-September. Finally, October sees the remaining closing parties take place as the island starts to quieten down.

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