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    Reasons to book your summer ’19 holiday now

    Reasons to book your summer ’19 holiday now

    Before you know it, the 2019 summer holidays will be upon us and the rush for flights and hotels will begin. You’ll want to avoid the disappointment of not booking your holiday early as summer is the perfect time to get away with the whole family. Many destinations enjoy great weather and not forgetting to mention, the kids have loads of time off during their school break. There’s no better time to get ahead of the crowd and prepare your summer holiday than right now! What are some of the advantages to booking your summer holiday early? Find out below!

    Enjoy the variety

    When booking your holiday in advance, you’ll get more choice when it comes to the essentials. Hoping for a particular view in your hotel room? Hoping for a reasonable time to fly? It’s much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for a few months ahead of schedule. Of course, there is a huge range of hotels on offer as well as board selection. Make the most of luxury all inclusive getaways or affordable self catering apartments. Whatever it is you’re looking for in a holiday, the earlier you book, the more choose you have!

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    Swap holiday stress for excitement

    Rather than having to worry about organising your holiday at the last minute. Get everything out of the way, so you can spend more time looking forward to the summer! You’ll no doubt be counting down the days until you’ll be jetting off.

    However, if you do prefer last minute holidays, why not check out the advantages of booking one here?

    Save your pennies

    Booking your summer holiday now gives you loads of time to save up for any extras you wish to pay for. Perhaps, you want to feel comfortable during your time away by taking a bit of spending money? If so, booking in advance gives you more than enough time to stock up your piggy bank.

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    Pay monthly

    On the topic of saving money, our pay monthly option allows you to spread the cost of your holiday. Start off with a low deposit and continue to pay off your holiday each month, up until 14 days before your departure date. Our low deposits start from £25pp making your holidays even more affordable and easier to manage. If you love payment flexibility and easing holiday stress… there’s no better way to kick start your holiday than securing it with a low deposit!

    Peace of mind

    Sometimes, playing the last minute game when looking for a summer holiday can be a bit risky. So, if you’d rather know you’ve got your holiday completely planned and booked, there’s no better time to start looking and booking than now!

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    Time to sort out important documents

    Some destinations require a visa and/or vaccinations. Whilst on the other hand, you might even need to renew your passport. Whatever the case may be, at least you don’t have the added pressure of a looming holiday and a number of important documents to validate and a long list of things to do.

    Spend time researching your chosen destination

    It can be very easy to feel rushed when booking your summer holiday. With the pressure of prices going up steadily and hotels getting booked up, you might want to find somewhere quickly. As a result, you may then spend time worrying that you haven’t properly researched where to stay or what to do in the area. But, by booking your summer holiday now, you’ll have all the time you need to delve into where you want to go, where you want to visit and what you want to do. All whilst leaving enough room to find the right place to stay and book at an affordable price!

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