• Top 5 cheapest winter sun escapes

    Top 5 cheapest winter sun escapes

    One of the best times to get away is right now! If the cold weather isn’t your favourite thing about winter, then luckily there are plenty of places where the sun is still shining. Hop on a plane and jet off overseas where you can enjoy the warm weather and feel the sand between your toes. Let’s be honest, there’s no better place to be during winter than in a sunny destination. What’s even better? Well, a cheap winter sun break of course! Don’t worry, there are many options on offer when it comes to choosing your winter sun escape. Here are our top five most affordable choices!

    1. The Canary Islands

    There isn’t much reason why you wouldn’t want to choose the Canary Islands for a winter sun break. With steady temperatures around the 20°C range and only a short flight away, what’s there not to love about these islands? Whether you choose to jet off to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote, the Canaries have plenty to do for every type of holidaymaker. Travelling on a family holiday? Off on a couples holiday? Or perhaps with a group of friends? Unique black sand beaches and striking volcanoes are without a doubt the main attractions. With the Canaries offering such a vast range of landscapes to see and fun activities to do, there’s no wonder it continues to be a winter sun favourite.


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    2. Morocco

    If you’re looking for a change of scenery and wish to head outside of Europe, Morocco is definitely a fantastic option. Basking in a warm climate throughout the winter period, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine as well as cheap flights to Morocco. The great thing about this delight is you’ll be able to enjoy either a beach holiday or a city break. Head to the bustling city of Marrakech where you can roam around the souks and soak up the buzzing atmosphere. Or make your way to the coast with a trip to Agadir where you can swap the hustle and bustle for sun-kissed beaches instead.


    3. Madeira

    The Portuguese island of Madeira experiences a pleasant climate all year round. Although it may not be well-known for its beaches, there are plenty of beautiful landscapes to witness. Lush mountains and forests are the highlight, as well as rugged, volcanic terrain. Madeira is the perfect winter sun escape for those who love the outdoors as there is an abundance of natural sights that the island has to offer. Especially if you love hiking, walking or sailing. The island’s capital of Funchal is perfect for exploring the colonial culture through its quaint and charming buildings. Plus, it doesn’t take long to get to Madeira, making it the perfect cheap winter sun holiday.


    4. Cyprus

    Fancy a trip to the Med? Well, Cyprus is the place for you! You’ll enjoy the warm winter weather whilst being close to home. One of the most fascinating things about Cyprus is its ancient culture so use this time to dive deep into it. As a result, a visit to the island means there is plenty to explore and find out. So, Cyprus isn’t just a one hit wonder with beaches (although it has some of the best in the Mediterranean). Especially if you consider yourself a history buff! Immerse yourself in ancient wonders and mythology and enjoy the cheap flights and hotels during this period too!

    5. Egypt

    Egypt is yet another destination which enjoys affordable rates during the winter period, making it a great option for a winter sun escape! Head out to popular tourist destinations like Hurghada and other Red Sea resorts for great temperatures and fun activities. Summer in Egypt can be really hot, meaning winter is the perfect time to head off on an Egypt holiday. It’s also one of the best places to go diving in the world, so if you love good watersport fun during your travels, Egypt is one for the taking. Aside from that, there are many sightseeing opportunities around the country. Known for its impressive pyramids and temples, there is a huge number of fascinating things to see. Plus, you must go on a camel ride in the Sahara Desert during your winter sun break!


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