• 5 tips to help you travel cheap

    5 tips to help you travel cheap

    Need cheap travel advice? Take a look at our 5 tips to help you keep your holiday cheap.

    Travel in low season

    Now, we all know that when we try to go on holiday during peak times, prices skyrocket upwards. Whether it be for hotels or flights, it’s just generally a lot more expensive to travel when everybody else wants to travel. As frustrating as that is, to bag the best deals you must be flexible in order to get away for cheaper. There are some cons when travelling during the low season, of course. Certain attractions and hotels may be closed. Not to mention in some locations the weather may not be the best. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable time away. No doubt, you’ll enjoy the lack of queues and fellow tourists, as well the milder weather and lack of heat! Certainly all this makes a cheap holiday, feel a lot more exclusive!

    Take an early or late flight

    There’s a reason these flights are so cheap, nobody wants them. Most of us would prefer to travel during hours when we’re fully awake and not so tired. However, those more desirable flight times are a lot more expensive. To avoid this, fly super early or really late and you can save a considerable amount when it comes to flights – the more you save, the more you can spend on holiday extras like copious amounts of ice cream and/or cocktails…

    Book an all inclusive holiday

    Some tourists love an all inclusive holiday, others are not so keen. But however you feel about them, it can be a good alternative when it comes to cutting down on costs. Not having to eat and drink out all the time keeps you on budget. Other activities might even be included in your all inclusive price. From water sports like sailing, snorkelling or surfing to on land activities like cycling, some resorts will give you these opportunities included in the price. Of course, another misconception is that you end up spending all your time at your all inclusive resort, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can explore outside of hotel grounds whenever you wish and dive head first into the local culture, too!

    Buy a city pass

    Certain attractions can cost a fortune, plus travel on top of that, making sightseeing an expensive task. When you add food, flights and accommodation, it all seems to add up to an unnecessary amount. Seeing the country you’re visiting is very much a vital part for many tourists and rightly so. If you invest in a city pass you can pay one single price and gain entry into numerous attractions. These passes add convenience to the low-price tag as well because some may even allow you to skip long queues.

    Collect frequent flyer points

    Even though sometimes it might feel pointless to collect points, as you need a significant amount to reap any rewards, there’s nothing wrong with signing up regardless and collecting air miles. If you travel a lot, eventually, you could get a free flight, discounts and upgrades. Most airlines have some sort of club you can join to collect points!

    To help cut costs, why not take a look at our cheap holidays or all inclusive holidays?

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