• Last minute holidays revealed! Where do Brits go?

    Last minute holidays revealed! Where do Brits go?

    Do you know where people from your area are most likely to go on a last minute holiday to? Thanks to our Last Minute Holiday Finder you can see your city or county’s exact holiday habit trends!

    Everybody loves a good last minute holiday deal. Or maybe not…but this is what we do know for sure: with Google’s searches for last minute holidays up 269% month on month, the demand at this time of year is stronger than ever. So we, at loveholidays, decided we needed to know a bit more about where exactly is it people are going when they get that late deal travel bug.

    Last minute holidays can be all fun and games, but when it comes to destinations – what is it that determines how we choose where to head at such a short notice? We decided to start with the obvious: our surroundings. So we went on and asked the question, does the city we are from, have some specific holiday preference as a whole?

    If you are from Birmingham, does that mean you are more likely to book a last minute escape to the Caribbean or to Spain? Does being from Manchester mean you would almost definitely head to Majorca or to the Algarve? Do Southerners prefer long haul holidays, while Northerners love an escape that is a lot closer to home? What about people from Scotland or Wales? So many questions and yet we managed to answer all of them at once…

    The tool

    We analysed the last minute booking habits of 1000s of British holidaymakers in order to find out how the popularity of our destinations changed depending on one’s place of living.

    We counted the number of bookings per city of origin and destination, going back to the beginning of the year. However, we quickly realised that our most popular destinations are largely the same across the UK – this only meant we had to delve deeper into the data!

    So our data team calculated the prevalence of each destination for each of the cities and then compared that to the national average. This way we could see how much more prevalent a certain destination is for a particular place of origin. Based on this, we took the most interesting results and put them into a simple to use infographic.

    For example, we looked into what people from London have booked the most and we compared it to the rest of the country, in order to find out how likely Londoners are to go to places like Portugal, Italy or the USA.

    We were not disappointed! After rounding all of this up, we created this simple to use tool so you could find out for yourself: where do people in your area are most likely to go on a last minute getaway? And most importantly, do you agree with the results? Are those the places you book for your last minute holidays too, or are you a bit more different compared to your neighbours?

    Simply select your city or county, following this link, and find out what places people just like you have been enjoying the most!

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