• Infographic: It’s Time for a Honeymoon

    Infographic: It’s Time for a Honeymoon

    In a recent survey based on honeymoon I dos and I don’ts, loveholidays and Elite Island Resorts asked engaged couples to tell us about their big honeymoon hopes, dreams and concerns. The survey revealed some surprising stats about the activities couples would want to get up to, as well as the biggest dreams and fears when booking their first holiday together as newlyweds. Check out our infographic revealing the honeymoon plans of 1,250 responders.

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    Objectophile Marriage

    Would you ever consider “marrying” an object? Well, one lady who goes by the name of Erika Eiffel has actually married the Eiffel Tower at a commitment ceremony in 2007.

    Booking Your Honeymoon

    The survey results showed that 28% of couples book 6-12 months before their wedding, and 24% book 3-6 months in advance. A further 9% wait until after the wedding is over before booking up their first holiday together as newlyweds.

    Biggest Deciding Factors

    The biggest deciding factors for couples when choosing a honeymoon destination are that it is, firstly, good value for money (30%) and, secondly, has good online reviews (21%). There is also the fact that 47% of couples choose to visit a destination based on a long-held dream to go there, proving that money and online reviews aren’t always as important as dreams.

    Price of a Honeymoon

    3% of the couples we asked think that they can have their perfect honeymoon for less than £250 per person – what do you think? The highest percentage of responders, 27%, plan to spend between £1000- £1500 each. A further 3%, meanwhile, believe that they need to spend a stonking £3000 per person in order to have their dream honeymoon.

    Who is Paying?

    1/5 of couples who entered our survey will rely on wedding donations to cover the cost of their honeymoon, and almost 75% of couples plan to pay for their honeymoons out of their own pocket.

    When to Head on Your Honeymoon?

    Over 55% of couples plan to have their honeymoon straight after or within their first week of marriage, with 15% hoping they’ll slip away within the first year. 13%, however, aren’t even sure when they will even find the time to get away on a honeymoon!

    Dream Honeymoon Destination

    A whopping 90% want to spend their first newlywed holiday on a beach somewhere hot, with over 60% of responders dreaming about spending their honeymoon sunning themselves on a Caribbean island. 13% plan to jet off to the other side of the world for an Australian honeymoon and, surprisingly, only 4% want to be whisked away somewhere in Europe.

    33 Countries in 2 Years

    A blogging couples, Mike and Anne Howard from honeytrek.com, set off on an epic honeymoon, visiting 33 countries, 6 continents and 302 places. Follow their exciting journey together around the world via their Facebook page.

    How Long Couples Spend Honeymooning

    The highest percentage of responders, 42%,  plan to spend two weeks away together, while a small percentage plan to escape for only a short few days.

    Top Honeymoon Activities

    Fancy propelling yourself off a bungee jump? 4% of couples plan on taking an adrenaline-fueled bungee jump together during their honeymoon. 41% hope to sail the sea on a romantic boat trip and a whopping 58% will enjoy a romantic sunset meal together.

    A 20,000 Mile Honeymoon

    One British couple set of on an adventure-moon, where they spent 2 years cycling through Europe, Australia, China and the Far EAST on a tandem bike, rallying up a tremendous 20,000 miles.

    Biggest Honeymoon Worries

    In our survey, we uncovered some of the biggest worries that couples have when booking their honeymoons. Top worries included standards not matching up to their expectations (47%), booking a hotel with bad Trip Advisor reviews (43%) and the fact that the holiday may be too pricey and unaffordable (37%). A further 11% even worry about booking too much time off work!

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