• Infographic: Holiday Habits We’d Prefer to Keep a Secret

    Infographic: Holiday Habits We’d Prefer to Keep a Secret

    When we asked our wonderful loveholidays’ fans and followers to fill out our holiday survey, we uncovered some truly shocking and surprising stats. Let’s just say, you’re not the only one who thinks socks with sandals is a far bigger fashion faux pas than going completely clothes-less for a skinny dip!

    From preparing your beach bod and packing your bags, to wasting away your time – and pennies – in duty free and stripping down on the beach, check out our infographic revealing the holiday habits that you’d prefer to keep a secret…


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    Running a mile…away from exercise:

    Thought everyone hit up the gym and opted for a three month liquid diet before their holiday? Well, think again; over half of you don’t prepare your beach bod before jetting off! Only 6% of you said this was because your figure was already flawless – lucky things – but an admirable 46% admitted you just don’t care how you look on holiday. Now, show us the way to the ice cream…

    We know what you packed last summer:

    You girls (and guys) might not mind your weight, but you do care about your hair; more of you pack hair straighteners than an MP3 player!

    Seemingly a Brit holidaymakers’ ultimate essential are teabags; 64% of you pop them in your suitcases. A third of you take pride in your behinds and pack some super soft toilet paper, whilst a quarter think you’re going to get lucky and pack condoms. Almost a fifth have taken fancy dress on holiday and 14% of you can’t take a trip without your favourite ted – we know who you are!

    Jetting Off

    You stink!

    When asked who you’d least like to sit next to on the plane, 40% voted for someone with serious BO. In second place was a ‘larger’ passenger, with 15% preferring to sit elsewhere, closely followed by a child.

    Cutting it close:

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s cut it a bit fine when arriving for your flight – 10% of holidaymakers have missed their plane, with a further 14% coming close!

    Get your cash out:

    Thought everyone spent their airport allowance on duty-free perfume, booze and cigarettes? Think again. The top three things to spend money on at the airport are eating out, reading material and bottled water – you glamorous lot!

    Hitting the Beach

    Gadget habits:

    Unsurprisingly, the most popular gadget among holidaymakers is a camera, with eight in ten of you taking one. What is surprising, however, is that two thirds of you reckoned you could leave the house – and country – without your phone. We’re not sure we believe you though, as despite this, three quarters of you admitted you always pack your mobile!

    Time to get anti-social:

    Have to check into Twitter at least once whilst you’re away? Can’t go a whole hol without uploading at least one pic to Facebook? Well, you’re not alone. Only 36% of you NEVER check into social media sites whilst on holiday; leaving 50% of you to log on at least once whilst away, 10% checking in daily and 4% logging on more than once a day!

    What not to do on the beach:

    Topless sunbathing, perhaps predictably – yes guys, we’re looking at you – was voted an unacceptable beach habit by just 9%, with more of you having an issue with a bit of PDA (public display of affection) on the beach. Where is the love people?!

    Skinny dipping was voted unpredictably low among your choice of unacceptable beach behaviour, with over twice as many of you voting against socks and sandals! Perhaps you all need to get your priorities sorted?!

    So there you have it; you’re not the only one who’s almost missed a flight because you can’t find your favourite teddy bear!

    Don’t forget to get set for your next beach break with loveholidays.com – the holiday company that doesn’t care how ridiculous your holiday habits are!



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