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    How to see the Greek Islands on the cheap

    How to see the Greek Islands on the cheap

    The Greek Islands are so popular and for good reason. We’ve all seen the beautiful pictures of islands like Mykonos or Santorini  and we all want to join in, right? But, when it comes to these wonderful Mediterranean islands, many people think that it is an expensive and difficult task to travel there ourselves. What if we told you that that is not the case… and you can actually visit the Greek Islands for a cheap holiday.

    Greek islands

    Getting to the Greek Islands

    It is easy enough to get to the Greek Islands from the UK, but prices can fluctuate and depend on various factors. It all depends on the time of year you’ll be flying and also which airport you choose to depart from. When travelling during non-peak times, you’re more likely to find cheaper prices for your flights. Also, travelling with budget airlines and from major European hubs will cut down the price too. Either way, it may take some digging around and planning to find the best day and way for your cheap holiday.

    As there are so many Greek Islands, not all of them will have airports. The major ones, for example, Kos, Rhodes, Zakynthos (to name a few) do have airports. But, if you are looking to getaway to some of the smaller Greek Islands, you may have a bit more of a difficult time getting there, although it can be done. It may require you to fly to one of the islands’ major airports, and then catching another flight or simply a ferry from there!

    Finding a place to stay in the Greek Islands

    You will have endless options when it comes to finding accommodation in the Greek Islands. Whether you wish to stay at an all inclusive resort, a self catering villa or a boutique hotel on a bed and breakfast basis, you’ll be sure to find something according to your tastes and your budget. Check out the top hotels we have in the Greek Islands on loveholidays and you might find yourself a deal!

    Cook your own meals

    Sometimes, an all inclusive holiday can work out a lot cheaper than doing everything yourself. But you may also find that cooking for yourself on holiday can work out the cheapest way of doing things. Especially when you’re on a budget. A great way of exploring the culture in a different country is trying out the local cuisine, however, it is a known fact that eating out every night or every day can be really expensive. So, to cut down on costs, cook your own meals or buy from supermarkets in general as you will find these are a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Even if you buy fruit from a local grocery and have that for breakfast, you will be cutting down on costs. Truth is, self catering stays on the Greek Islands are pretty popular indeed!

    Make your own itinerary

    Greek Islands

    We know that the Greek Islands can be expensive, especially if you’re set on going at a particular time. If that is the case and you have splashed out on flights and/or accommodation, you can save some money by creating your own itinerary and exploring the island for yourself. Booking tours aren’t the best if you’re looking for a cheap holiday. Researching the sites you want to see while you’re visiting the Greek Islands is the best way. Once you have your plan mapped out, you can go about how to get there and the amount of money you will need. It is a much cheaper option when it comes to sightseeing.


    It is said that public transport on the Greek Islands is cheap, but also very intermittent and not very efficient. Hiring a scooter or a car are some of the better ways of getting around the islands and can work out quite cheap too, depending how long you’re staying there for. It is always great if the accommodation you’re staying in is located in a good area, where you are only a short walking distance away from bars, restaurants, clubs and other recreational activities.

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