• How to plan a romantic escape to Crete

    How to plan a romantic escape to Crete

    The idea of a romantic getaway is exciting and might be just what you need for a break. You might be thinking about the palm lined beaches of the Caribbean or a historical city break in Rome. But what about something which combines the beaches with the history? What about a destination which oozes love and romance? Well, that would be the Greek Island of Crete.

    With plenty of beautiful locations along the island’s coastline, you can enjoy sandy beaches with contrasting clear waters. Bask in the warm, Mediterranean climate. Finally, explore the island’s historic sites as you go back in time to life as ancient Greek civilizations. If you’re thinking about getting away with your partner, we’ve got all you need to know when it comes to planning a romantic escape to Crete.

    Choose a destination

    First and foremost, choose where you would love to stay or visit during your Crete holiday. This might be the easiest or hardest decision when planning your romantic escape. With loads of resorts and coastal towns to pick from, you really are spoilt for choice. So, to make things a little easier, here are our recommendations:

    • Chania – Located on the northwest coast of Crete, Chania is home to a beautiful Venetian harbour and a wonderful town brimming with charming architecture and stylish little restaurants and bars, perfect for trying out the delicious Greek cuisine.
    • Rethymnon – This Cretan city can be found on the north coast of the island. Rethymnon includes a gorgeous evening walk along its fortress causeway into the town. With a Venetian past, just like Chania, Rethymnon also hosts a lovely harbour lined with restaurants serving up tasty dishes.
    • Bali – Yep, there’s a Bali in Crete and it offers a sense of intimacy and isolation. A little coastal town in the north of the island, Bali’s best offering is its stunning beaches. Bali truly has an atmosphere which exudes romance.


    With plenty of hotels in these areas, you’ll surely find something suited to you and your partner. From 5-star resorts to smaller boutique hotels which are perfect for couples.


    Things to do in Crete

    As Crete is Greece’s largest island, there’s no surprise that there are plenty of things to do. If you’re looking for a beach holiday together, Crete is the right place for you. Crete has a huge number of beaches to explore, all unique in their own way and providing the picture-perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday. One of the great things is that all of Crete’s beaches provide some of the clearest waters you’ll see in Europe, if not the world. The Mediterranean climate doesn’t make it too bad either as for the majority of the year, Crete basks in pure sunshine.  Some of the best beaches include:

    • Elafonisi – An island off the southwest of Crete has a beautiful lagoon which is not only great to swim around in but is easy on the eyes too.
    • Balos Beach – Another inimitable option, the scenery here is stunning and the blue lagoon is accessible by boat or hike.
    • Vai – This beach can be found on the eastern side of Crete. Highly popular thanks to its clear waters and palm trees.
    • Preveli – Preveli beach is simply stunning. This location is actually where a river flows into the sea, twisting through palm trees and forming a nearby lake. If you and your partner fancy some action and adventure, try out some of the water sports held on the lake.


    On the other hand, beaches aren’t all that’s on offer in Crete. Head to Fortezza of Rethymno which is a Venetian fortress which offers amazing views of the city and the sea. Or hike up to the top of Mount Ida and watch the sun set as you admire the surrounding views. Finally, make sure you make your way to Chania’s Old Venetian Harbour which is beautiful at night time when it is lit up and is perhaps one of the best places to enjoy a meal together during your romantic escape in Crete.

    Crete beaches

    Places to eat

    Your romantic trip to Crete wouldn’t be complete without a lovely meal for two. It’s great to put aside some time to enjoy a romantic trip to a dreamy restaurant for a delicious traditional Greek meal. As we previously mentioned, Chania’s Venetian Harbour is a beautiful place to enjoy a dinner together as you can admire the views whilst trying the best of Greek cuisine. Some great spots to enjoy a lovely meal for two are:

    • Avli – Enjoy the courtyard filled with herbs and tasty seafood and organic dishes.
    • Migomis – Perched on top of a cliff, you can admire the stunning views of the lake below whilst filling up on Mediterranean inspired dishes.
    • Thalassographia – At night time, the atmosphere here is truly romantic. Located across several terraces between the Fortezza and the relaxing waters below, you can wash down tasty meals with a local selection of beers and wine.


    Crete tavern

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