• How to plan a holiday around beer

    How to plan a holiday around beer

    Planning to take a quick trip away? Perhaps a city break to a nearby destination will do. You may even want to have a running theme throughout that holiday. Something like beer? Well, if you love going down the pub for a couple of pints, why not enjoy your favourite beverage abroad. Visit top beer destinations and explore their breweries and pubs as you discover their different varieties of beer. If this sounds right up your street, but you’re not too sure how to go around planning a beercation, check out our tips on how to plan a holiday around beer.

    Choose a destination

    It is easier to choose a particular place you wish to visit and plan your beer journey around it, rather than planning around a specific type of beer like a pilsner or stout.  However, having said that there are plenty of places around the world that specialise in beer and enjoy beer as their preferred drink of choice. Many of these destinations are close to home whilst some are further afield. Book a city break to Prague, Munich, Brussels or even Amsterdam. Or head to the USA for a longer trip away, where cities like Portland and Seattle share a love for beer too. It’s a wise choice to choose somewhere that you would like to visit as you’ll most likely be exploring the city and sightseeing when you’re not dipping in and out of breweries or pubs.

    Marienplatz, Munich

    Choose the breweries you want to visit

    Once you’ve decided on your preferred beer destination, now you need to plan which breweries you wish to visit. Settling on particular breweries can depend on a few factors. Firstly, remember to be responsible when drinking, so you will have to be willing to travel to these breweries. As a result, you may only want to pick ones within walking distance of your accommodation, or within a certain mile radius. To help you with this, a great site/app is BreweryMap. Simply type in the city or postcode along with how big of a search radius you want, and you will be presented with local breweries which match the criteria. The only problem is, sometimes you may get restaurants which pop up too, so make sure that what you’re interested in are actually breweries!


    Don’t forget to line your stomach

    With the likelihood that you might be drinking a fair amount of beer, a valuable tip is to remember to line your stomach. Make sure you’re eating properly and regularly during your beer break as some breweries won’t offer food during your visit. You might be lucky enough to run into a brewpub which will often provide a menu full of food along with your beer, but aside from that, very rarely do you get food options. Before you visit a brewery, start the day right with a big breakfast or lunch. If necessary, make sure to carry some snacks with you as well so you always have some type of food on hand.

    beer and food

    Enjoy your experience

    Finally, and most importantly, is to make the most of your experience. This is not only an exciting and enjoyable short break but also an educational one, which is great when you’re learning about something that specifically interests you. Aside from tasting beers and visiting breweries, you’ll no doubt take some time to discover the surrounding sights and culture of your city break destination. It helps to break up your beer inspired getaway and allows you to add even more culture to your journey. You might find solace in finding nearby activities full of action and adventure (which will help work off all those beer induced calories!)

    Friends and beer

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