• How to have an instagrammable holiday on a budget

    How to have an instagrammable holiday on a budget

    We all know the importance of a good Instagram feed. The colours, the selfies, the backdrops – all of them coming together to showcase all that you care about. So it is small wonder that the potential of great Instagram images can influence our decision on where to go on holiday.

    An infinity pool, close proximity to a lavender field or a picturesque street filled with whitewashed houses in the immediate vicinity, can all be very important factors in the decision-making process… If you find yourself after that enviably pretty Instagram feed but are lacking the funds, we can help. You can really achieve something spectacular whatever your budget. Here is our loveholidays guide on how to have the most insgrammable holiday on a tight budget!

    Choose the destination wisely

    Truth is, this is probably the easiest thing to do: a place doesn’t need to be expensive in order to be pretty. We surely don’t need to tell you that! If you want to go somewhere more affordable, yet as Instagram-worthy as the most luxurious resorts of Dubai, then look at some destinations closer to home. Book a cheap holiday to Greece and benefit from some of the most stunning backdrops around. Whitewashed houses, picturesque little villages, lush green hills and blue lagoons…


    Head to Bulgaria in summer and enjoy the champagne lifestyle at lemonade prices. With fine sand golden beaches and glorious mountain tops peeking behind, your pictures could be truly breath-taking. On the beach, there are beautiful cocktails flying left, right and centre as you lounge on your very own beach bed under the shade – snap and post. Job done.

    Book for the right time of the year

    If you want that famous pic with the Dubai skyline behind you, then you shall have it. If you book to visit Dubai in the summer months, you can grab a fab holiday deal and have the luxury holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Why is it so cheap now? Well the temperatures are rather high. However, with air cons all over the place and modern 5-star hotels equipped with some pretty stunning pool areas to cool you down in style, you can work around the heat. And the pictures? Just as stunning as they are any other month of the year.


    Dukes Dubai

    Another benefit of travelling in the low season, be it to Spain, Mexico or Marrakech, is the lack of crowds. The single best way to remove the noise from your holiday pics. Less tourists means empty sights. No people means gorgeous, undisturbed backdrops. Just you and the Louvre’s pyramid behind you; you and that secluded beach; you and the cute little shops…the list could be just as long as your feed once you’re done uploading all those gorgeous snaps.

    Go to all the free sites

    The best way to stick to a tight holiday budget is to make the most out of the free sights. Easy to say but a bit harder in practise. The free attractions could be great but also overcrowded which will not work for your Instagram purposes. Of course, going there in low season as we suggested would fix that issue…

    …But if you are enjoying your time off right in the midst of summer, the other way to beat the crowds is just as simple. Be by the sight of your choice before everyone else is. Get up early, grab your camera and make the most out of the lovely morning light – not only will your pictures look amazing, but they’ll also be mostly tourist-free.


    Remember that when you visit places like Santorini – small islands popular with travellers tend to get pretty overcrowded pretty quickly. Especially when you all want to have that same picture from that same one street with that very same sunset….obviously at the same golden hour, too!

    Go off the beaten track

    …and finally, go off the beaten track. By choosing a lesser known holiday destination you can count on a number of things. Firstly, that aforementioned issue with the amount of tourists visiting: non-existent. Secondly, you can discover some gorgeous gems that will make your feed all the more unique. Lastly, you’ll have the chance to fall in love with a new place that you might have not considered before. And this is so much better than all the pictures you’ll take of it. But they still count, too.

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