• How to plan a solo trip to Thailand

    How to plan a solo trip to Thailand

    Thailand has long been a favourite for solo travellers as it’s often an important stop for those looking to explore the far east. Renowned for being at the top of the list for backpackers, it’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with Thailand. Isolated beaches boast blue waters, golden sands and secret waterfalls, fascinating temples exude rich local culture and the inner cities radiate the hustle and bustle of Thai life. Whatever it is you wish to discover in Thailand, it’s been a popular choice for solo travel over and over again. So, here is how to plan a solo trip to Thailand.

    Chiang Mai


    Thailand is full of wonderful and fascinating sights as well as beautiful sandy beaches. So, whatever your interests, there is surely something that will tickle your fancy. Discover the popular Khao San Road in Bangkok which stays lively throughout the night. Here, you’ll find an abundance of street food vendors, bars and sights like Wat Pho’s golden Buddha and the Grand Palace.

    Ayutthaya in the north of Thailand can offer delightful temples which boast intricate details. Ko Pha Ngan is the spot for full moon parties, which attract a huge number of tourists each month. You can expect the parties to start at dusk as thousands of lamps are lit. Everyone then parties on throughout the entire night, watching fire shows, drinking, dancing and having the time of their lives.

    Finally, make your way to Chiang Mai where you can mingle with the locals or with other solo travellers. Many treks and day trips start in Chiang Mai, so if you’re up for exploring Thailand, this if definitely a place to visit.


    Thailand has a very unique way of getting around town and that is by tuk tuk. When in Thailand, do as the Thai’s do and travel around by tuk tuk for an easy way to get around and for a true essence of the hustle and bustle of Thailand. They are a travel essential, especially when visiting cities such as Bangkok. You’ll also find motorcycle taxis dotted around taking people from A to B. These are a perfect way to get around, especially for solo travellers. However, when travelling a large distance across Thailand, overnight buses and trains are available.


    Meeting new people

    Sometimes, one of the best things to come out of a solo trip abroad, is meeting new people from around the world. No doubt, in Thailand, there will be many other solo travellers looking to meet new people too. Staying in main areas of Thailand like the capital Bangkok will better your chances of meeting other solo travellers. In addition, taking part in group activities, will guarantee this too. Many solo travellers will look to embark on day trips and other activities like Thai cooking courses.


    Thailand is a mainly safe country when taking solo travel into consideration. Standard safety rules apply during a trip to Thailand. Making sure that you don’t travel in unlicensed taxis, or accept drinks and food from strangers. Transportation like buses and trains are known for theft, so keep your belongings safe at all times. You should always take precautions when travelling by yourself.

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