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    How to plan a solo trip to New York

    How to plan a solo trip to New York

    Ah, the big city of New York. Who wouldn’t love to visit the ‘Big Apple’ at least once? It’s also a great holiday destination for those looking for a solo trip to a big city. New York City is full of attractions and sights to keep any visitor busy. Due to the hustle and bustle, even on a solo trip, you’re never really ‘alone’ in New York. If that’s the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, then why not give one of the USA’s most popular cities a go. You might not know where to start when planning a city break to New York by yourself, so if that’s the case, check out our tips on how to plan a solo trip to New York.
    New York

    Museums and galleries

    Museums and galleries are a great way to enjoy your own company whilst admiring the work of someone else. Luckily, New York has a huge number of both of them for you to visit. There will be tours available to look around at art pieces in groups. But, museums and galleries are best enjoyed solo. This way, you can make the rounds at your own pace and base your visit off of your own interests. You might even prefer to experience the quiet atmosphere and delicate artwork by yourself.

    See a show

    Broadway anyone? Seeing a show on or off Broadway is perhaps one of the best activities you can do in New York by yourself. Pick a show that tickles you fancy, from hits like Wicked or Finding Neverland, and enjoy the delightful show put on display.
    New York Shopping


    There is no better city for shopping than New York City itself. Home to major department stores, interesting flea markets and small boutique stores. There are shopping choices to suit even the fussiest of shoppers. We all love to shop by ourselves once in a while, so why not do it on your solo trip to New York? Visit Greenwich Village and SoHo to fulfill your shopping needs and then head to Brooklyn to have a look at vintage clothing available in popular flea markets, where you can find items for great prices.

    High Line

    Make sure you check out the High Line whilst on your solo holiday in New York. It’s the best place for ultimate relaxation in the bustling city, especially during the evenings. The High Line provides a exclusive outdoor setting, where you can sit back and chill, take a stroll or read a book. With a lovely park, it’s a great place to visit during the summer time where you can appreciate the lush greenery and soak up the sunny weather.

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