• How to plan a solo trip to Greece

    How to plan a solo trip to Greece

    For those who love to see the world solo, Greece should be next on your list. ‘Why?’, you ask. Well, Greece is a beautiful country with so much to see and do. You’ll also find that it is solo traveller friendly. Discover ancient Greece along with its rich culture and history. Taste the delicious Greek dishes that are awaiting your arrival. Finally, enjoy your own company in this wonderful country as you explore and have the time of your life during your solo adventure in Greece.


    First things first, when booking your accommodation in Greece, it can be quite overwhelming due to the huge amount of options that are available to you. Luckily, with our smart search function on loveholidays, you can filter down your search to find exactly what it is you’re looking for. There are plenty of choices to dwindle down to your tastes. Don’t mind a large resort with families? Well, there’s nothing stopping you from going ahead and booking it. On the other hand, there are boutique hotels and more casual choices which are perhaps more suited to solo travellers.


    Transport is relatively easy and comfortable in Greece. You’ll find the national bus company – KTEL buses around the whole of Greece. These transport links are great as you can find your way around the whole country on these buses. There is the option of taking train around Greece too, however, the train lines are not as developed. Renting a car is probably the better option if possible, but driving laws in Greece are not as strict, so be wary when driving over there. On the other hand, taxis are also cheap and suitable to get around in.


    A great way of exploring Greece is to do so through a travel tour, it is also a great way of meeting new people and perhaps other solo travellers. You’ll find many tour agencies on your arrival in Greece who provide a collection of various tours, visiting all the main attractions. In addition, there is an abundance of walking tours where you’ll be accompanied by a tour guide. These tours allow you to see even more of the country as you investigate popular sites on foot.


    As with all trips, safety is key. When travelling by yourself it is better to take extra precautions. Greece is a relatively safe country, but it is always best to check the official safety precautions on the government website. Pickpocketing is not uncommon, especially on the metro. Moreover, avoid walking around by yourself after dark and in poorly lit streets. Also, when embarking on activities such as hiking, it is always best to be accompanied by other travellers or a local/tour guide.

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