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    How to plan a solo trip to Croatia

    How to plan a solo trip to Croatia

    A solo holiday is a great way of being by yourself for awhile and having that much deserved alone time. What better way to be independent than on a trip abroad? There are so many places to choose from to undergo your solo adventure, but Croatia is a truly beautiful country and is perfect for solo travellers. If Croatia sounds great to you and you’re looking to plan a solo trip to the country, check out our tips on how to plan a solo holiday to Croatia.

    First and foremost, Croatia is a great country to travel by yourself as it is pretty easy to navigate around. On top of that, it’s a relatively safe country, so getting around without any problems is a huge positive. Although you should always take your precautions as usual.

    Join a group

    Now, this might sound against the point of travelling solo, but it is one top tip that must be made regardless. Solo travel doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself all the time. In fact, it could be about broadening your mind and meeting new people that you would probably never have met before. This is the perfect opportunity to do it. Once in Croatia, there are many group tours for solo travellers you can join and mingle with like-minded people! Group travel is a fun way to explore the country once you get there and to meet new people too.

    Find a solo friendly hotel

    The key is avoiding large resorts which tend to attract large groups of people and families. That’s not to say that solo travellers are banned from staying at large resorts during their stay in Croatia. But, there are hotels which are more suited to those travelling alone. Some of these resorts or boutique hotels may not cater for single rooms, so it is worth finding somewhere that you are comfortable with and can enjoy your own company. Luckily, on loveholidays you can filter your search to cater to your wants and needs. That means finding the perfect hotel for your solo adventure!

    Stay close to the centre

    Wherever you visit in Croatia, whether it be Dubrovnik or Split, it’s a great idea to stay in or around the town centre. That way you can be in on the action. The town centres are famously full of restaurants and bars. So, when you want to soak up the atmosphere or nightlife in Croatia, head into town.

    Dining alone

    The idea of dining alone haunts some people and it can be a daunting experience at first. However, once you get used to it, you’ll realise it’s not that scary after all. If you’d like to sample the fine dining in Croatia, it’s probably better to ease yourself in during lunch time. This is when you’d find the majority of patrons dining alone. During dinner, many people may be grouped up, so a trip to a casual restaurant may be a less unnerving experience.

    Public transport

    Public transport is a great way to get around in Croatia, albeit cheaper too. It’s a fantastic way to explore the country by getting out and about on transport, rather than renting a car as that can be a bit isolating.

    Organise day trips

    Many Croatian destinations offer various activities and day trips. Finding out about these Croatian excursions is a great way of meeting new people once again, not to mention other solo travellers like yourself.  Croatia is known for its variety of outdoor activities, so joining in is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Croatia’s environment. Whether it be diving, kayaking, cycling or hiking, there is plenty to do here.

    Stay safe

    Last but not least, do your best to keep safe and away from trouble. This is usually a lot easier when travelling with friends or family as you are looking out for each other. Travelling alone means you only have yourself to look out for. It’s always best to have your wits about you no matter where you travel by yourself.

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