• How to plan a holiday around…nightlife

    How to plan a holiday around…nightlife

    A clubbing holiday is always a popular choice, especially when it comes to organising a special occasion, stag/hen parties or for groups of young people. What’s even better than a typical night out? Discovering the nightlife abroad, in a totally different country and resort of your choice. The great thing is that there are plenty of locations which cater specifically to those looking for a good time. Many of these destinations include a range of accommodation to suit its visitors, especially cheap apartments which seem to be a popular choice year after year.

    If a holiday dedicated to nightlife sounds good to you, but you’re not sure how to go about planning one, check out our tips below on how to plan a holiday around nightlife.

    Choose a popular nightlife hotspot

    There are plenty of nightlife destinations to choose from, especially within Europe, making many of them convenient to fly to with short haul flights. Choose from San Antonio in Ibiza, Kavos in Corfu, Malia in Crete or Sunny Beach in Bulgaria to name a few. You might want to base your choice off of reviews you’ve read online about the area, word of mouth (things you’ve heard from other people yourself), or perhaps you might want to explore or sightsee the area in the day, meaning you might be interested in certain destinations which are able to provide this. Some resorts will be able to offer you fantastic sights and/or beaches which are great to visit during the day, as you experience the bars and clubs during the night.

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    Pick accommodation close to the nightlife hub

    Whichever destination you end up choosing, next, you have to look for suitable accommodation. A lot of the time you will come across a variety of hotels and apartments in these nightlife destinations. You’ll find that the most popular choice seems to be self-catered apartments or aparthotels as these are usually cheaper. Some of them will include a restaurant which is perfect for those mornings when you’re feeling too hungover to make meal yourself. It’s better to find a place which is central to the area, strip or base of all nightlife in your chosen destination. As a result, you’ll be able to walk to and from the bars and clubs back home or pay a taxi for a small fee rather than having to worry about travelling far or paying huge taxi fares.

    Research the top bars and clubs

    Are there any bars or clubs in particular that you wish to visit? No doubt, certain destinations have a huge club that they’re well-known for. If you’d prefer to have a checklist of top nightlife hotspots to visit, it’s worth researching the area, reading reviews and topping up your knowledge about the best bars and clubs that you should experience. Once you’ve got your list, it’s time to start ticking them off during your clubbing holiday!



    You might be thinking to buy a bottle or two of alcohol in duty free before you take off for your clubbing holiday. But, the truth is, a lot of the time alcohol abroad is cheaper than what you can buy in the UK. It might be a good idea to research prices in your chosen destination. No doubt, in many of these clubbing destinations, alcohol in bars and clubs will be cheap. In addition, supermarkets often have alcoholic beverages selling at cheap prices, so it might be worth hanging on until you arrive!

    Be responsible

    As always be careful and responsible, holidays revolving around nightlife no doubt involve a large consumption of alcohol. When in a different country you should always be aware of the tolerance that the law, locals and yourself have when it comes to alcohol and nightlife.

    • Always look after your drinks to ensure strangers aren’t able to put any dangerous substances in them.
    • Avoid walking or travelling home alone.
    • Never drink and drive.
    • Be respectful of others around you. Sometimes alcohol can cause many people to become rowdy or even violent, therefore, it is best to regulate your consumption to avoid these situations.


    Have fun!

    Finally, have fun! That’s what a holiday around nightlife is about after all. As long as you’re responsible, it’s great to unwind and let your hair down. Grab your friends, pack your bags and have the holiday of a lifetime. Create new memories that you’ll look back on for years to come and always remember. Don’t forget to pack the paracetamol though!

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