• How to plan a holiday around golf

    How to plan a holiday around golf

    Are you a keen golfer? Well, if the answer is yes, then no doubt you’ve been wondering where you should go and how to plan your next holiday around golf. There are many top holiday destinations which are perfect for teeing off, providing wonderful golf resorts and plenty of facilities. Golf is renowned for being a leisurely and luxurious sport, therefore whether you’re a professional or an amateur, being able to play golf whilst on holiday is extravagance at its finest. If you’re ready to book your next golfing escape, check out how to plan a holiday around golf!


    Choose a destination

    First things first, choose a golfing destination. There are many places to choose from when looking for great golf courses, yet also a fantastic holiday destination for sightseeing and relaxation. Perhaps the Dominican Republic interests you? In the Caribbean and full of stunning beaches as well as world-renowned golf courses like the Teeth of the Dog. If you’d prefer somewhere closer to home, head to the Algarve in Portugal or Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

    Research the golf course

    Once you are set on where you want to go for your holiday, learn about the golf courses in that area. Research each one that you’re interested in, so you know what to expect and can narrow down your search to a couple of potential golf courses that you would like to visit. Find out if the course has 9 holes or 18, if it is flat or hilly, or even the hazards which are on the course.

    Familiarise yourself with the country’s climate

    In particular, the area that you’ll be staying in and the location of your chosen golf courses. Most golfers will love a straight forward round where the weather consists of sun, clear skies and possibly a lack of wind. However, depending where you holiday, this may not be the case. Find out the general climate for your destination, especially for the time of year you’ll be travelling. Wind and rain will be the conditions you’re generally trying to avoid, but if the destination you would like to go to is known to experience these conditions, at least you’ll be prepared.

    Hire golf equipment

    If you have your own golf equipment and would prefer to take it with you, happily do so. However, it may prove to be a hassle when travelling, especially when the easier alternative would be to hire equipment once you’re on your holiday. It also depends on how long you’re going for on your golfing holiday. If it’s just for a weekend or short period of time, hiring will be the better option. Get in touch with the golf course or check online for rental fees.
    Golf resort


    Sometimes it is easier to stay on the golf course. With a number of golf resorts dotted about top golf destinations, why not stay right on the spot? It may seem expensive, but you can expect to splurge quite a bit during a golf holiday. A lot of the properties are luxurious and comfy and what’s more, you don’t have to worry about transportation getting to the golf course. If you decide that a golf resort is outside of your budget, it is best to find a more affordable option close to your chosen golf course.




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